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    On Tue, 10 Apr 2012 12:22:45 +0100, Ammammata wrote:

    Hello there

    is there any faq for this newsgroup?

    I'm interested in a software to catalog my books

    I'm running (testing, actually...) both alexandria and tellico on my
    debian but I have some small problems

    alexandria works fine but only version 0.6.5, later versions don't work;
    the pity is that the (valid) italian search providers are not present in
    the old release; in addition, starting from ubuntu 11.10 (on the other computer) the software isn't any more supported and has been deleted
    while upgrading from 10.04

    tellico is good indeed but many times fails the search and I can't sort
    it out :(

    on windows side I tried some different programs but near all of them
    lacks the presence of the italian search provider and the one or two
    that have it... don't work :(

    I'm not searching just a free software, I mean I can spend some money
    but not too much, otherwise my wife will... ;)

    Currently in the linux repos is GCStar, and I'm trying to migrate my
    daughter's Alexandria collection to it. Still struggling, too old for

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