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    24) Bill Wesley [Any info on him? On top left of first page is: Otis W. >Beal, Jr. (The agent?)]
    łBeyond the Snake Planet˛
    Science Fiction Stories
    July, 1959
    40 pages
    Six in addition to the one you have: "The Coffin Ship", 1/60 SCIENCE
    FICTION; "Crash Program", 12/58 FUTURE; "Disjecta Membra", 4/60
    FUTURE; "The Enormous Diamond", 6/59 SUPER SCIENCE; "The Palindromic
    Blonde", 2/60 FUTURE; and "The Primus Curse", 5/54 PLANET. Beal may
    very well have been his agent, since I don't find a listing for that
    name as a writer.

    His actual name was Otis Wesley Beal. Bill Wesley was his pseudonym. My mother dated him in the mid 1950s! I was like 11 years old, and it broke my heart when they broke up. He had a hobby of making telescopes. Here is a link, and also a pdf of one of
    his stories (which I remember reading way beck then):


    • WESLEY, BILL; pseudonym of O. Wesley Beal, (fl. 1950s-1960s) (chron.)
    ? * Beyond the Snake Planet, (nv) Science Fiction Stories Jul 1959
    ? * The Coffin Ship, (ss) Science Fiction Stories Jan 1960
    ? * Crash Program, (nv) Future Science Fiction Dec 1958
    ? Future Science Fiction (UK) #7 1959
    ? * Disjecta Membra, (ss) Future Science Fiction Apr 1960
    ? * The Enormous Diamond, (nv) Super-Science Fiction Jun 1959
    ? * The Palindromic Blonde, (ss) Future Science Fiction Feb 1960
    ? * The Primus Curse, (ss) Planet Stories May 1954 https://www.radioarchives.com/Planet_Stories_eBook_May_1954_p/re815.htm

    Allan McCollum

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