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    Over the past 8 months, I have begun collecting first editions. It all started when my in-laws handed me their John Grisham books. I knew enough to check out the copyright page and it turns out all of them were first printings. Over the past 8 months I
    have picked up a total of about 20 first printings and first editions (in various printings). My prize thus far is a first printing of Clancy's Patriot Games. As a very new collector, I am looking towards the future. I realize that finding a first
    printing of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn is probably not in my immediate future or budget; however, who should I be looking for now? Thus far, I've collected King, Crichton, Clancy, and aforementioned Grisham.

    As a long time book collector, if I had a chance to make any changes to my "collecting habit". it would be to have determined an area of specialization much earlier on in my collection. At first, I focused on first edition/first printing/hard back copies
    of books with excellent dust jackets - primarily novels. I then started focusing on books that meant something to me - that I would most likely read in the future. Then came signed books - then came fine bound or small press editions (once again signed
    copies - if possible). I eventually collected authors whose books had impressed me in the past - looking towards the day when I'd have enough reading time to enjoy all the new additions.

    This rather lackadaisical approach left me with a collection in excess of 5000 books on tons of bookcases and a broad topic range. Had I had the forethought to focus on a narrower range of books, my collection would be "tighter" and more focused.

    This is meant as a suggestion for the beginner collector from an "old timer". In any case, enjoy your collection and acquisitions.

    You will find a broad range of collecting information on my blog www.bookcollecting101.com. Stop by and check it out. I even have a new Directory for book sellers to advertise their books and for collectors to post their "wanted" lists.

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