• What does "Originally Published at %price%" on front book-flap, upp

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    On 9/3/2016 7:06 PM, jmelsna@verizon.net wrote:
    It's like a book club edition, but sold commercially, rather than just to members.

    Oh, ok, thanks. Is there any way to tell more about its commercial
    selling history? More about selling BCEs commercially in general? There
    aren't signs of a price tag being on it. Was it carefully removed, or
    were these put on a shelf where everything had the same listed price?

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    they're reprints done by the publisher's subsidiary that specializes in producing less luxurious but also more affordable coffee table or true art books. the fact that they originally cost $50 but are being offered in this "slightly different" format is
    a big selling point.

    You can learn a lot about just how drastically the quality of the reproductions affect the experience of looking at art or photography printed in a book. you don't even need to buy to books.

    there's four or five versions of Family of Man published, check em out.

    The French do the best reproductions of art. if you ever get a chance to look at the book:

    Raoul Dufy
    L'Amour de L'art
    Cercle Francais D'Art
    31 December, 1953

    It looks like Dufy painted the watercolors directly on the page...it's just about mind-blowing!

    On Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 5:09:43 PM UTC-4, Bookshesi wrote:
    I've come across several books that contain the notice that it was "Originally Published" at a given price, placed on the upper-right
    corner of the front flap. No other price is listed. Does this have any significance, like being a BCE?

    E.g., I have John T. Winterich, David A. Randall, A Primer of Book Collecting: Third Revised Edition (Bell Publishing 1967). Bell
    Publishing was based in NY, and was a division of Crown Publishers, Inc.
    The rear book flap also states "Bonanza Books" as a division of Crown Publishers, Inc. A diagonal notch in the upper-right states "Originally Published at $5.00." The bottom of the hardcover's spine has the numbers "239124," and "Bell" beneath it. There are no blinding marks on either
    side of the cover. The binding is not striped, but rather appears to be glued, which has since detached and the pages are now connected to the
    cover by hanging hinges.


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