• Strange copy of Gore Vidal's Reflections Upon a Sinking Ship

    From Francis A. Miniter@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jun 26 22:24:47 2016
    I found a copy with the following characteristics. The dust jacket
    states that it is a Little Brown publication. But the spine of the book
    is silent on the identity of the publisher, and the title page is also
    silent and the copyright page, though it states "First Edition", fails
    to contain a five line paragraph stating "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED," etc.,
    and further fails to contain the Library of Congress catalog number, but
    does contain at the bottom a block of Chinese characters. Furthermore,
    the binding is bright blue with silver text to the spine. This does not
    appear to conform to the descriptions of the bindings of first editions
    I have found at ABE. Finally, on the rear free end-paper, there is
    affixed a piece of paper giving the name of a book store in Taipei,

    Is this a Little Brown first or a pirate copy?

    Francis A. Miniter

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