• Finding copies of books from private owners that might be available for

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    I'm hoping you folks may be able to offer some thoughts/advice.

    A client of mine wants to purchase a first edition, first printing copy of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. My job is to identify copies that are available; he'll have an expert vet any copy he's interested in before buying it.

    I have already checked the usual websites for copies available (abebooks, alibris, bookfinder, etc.) I've called the current publisher, although as you might expect they were little help since the original publisher (Bobbs-Merrill) is long defunct. I
    have inquiries out to the Ayn Rand Institute and The Atlas Society.

    Any ideas on other avenues I might pursue? I think my client is hoping I can ferret out a copy or two that a book collector may want to sell but hasn't yet listed. His hope is not that he can save money by this but that he would have the largest
    possible group of books from which to select.

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