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    I have been getting these volumes since the series started, as Palin is probably my favorite Monty Python performer. However, the latest (and last) volume, TRAVELING TO WORK, has presented a problem for this collector.

    Announced for November 24, 2015, it was actually available before that in New York City, but from the beginning, was only found (by me) in later printings. (It was the same way with Derek Jacobi's autobiography...) I spent a good deal of time yesterday
    visiting several Barnes and Noble shops around town--in two it was still shelved with "new" biographies, and yet no copy that I saw was earlier than a 7th printing.

    The book (at a $35 cover price) is poorly bound, with the paper splitting at the title page, though it's fewer than 600 pages, and there's no lettering on the spine! I really wonder where these came from, or if they were made from excess British sheets...

    [Whine over. <g>]

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