• 5 - 1 = the secret to success?

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    Imagine the following scene…
    You’re sitting on a park bench one beautiful sunny afternoon when you look over at the pond nearby, and you count 5 frogs sitting on a lily pad.
    All of a sudden, 1 of the frogs decides to jump off.
    You look at the lily pad again - and you count them again.
    How many frogs are still on the lily pad?
    Well, if you’re like most people, you probably said:
    “4 frogs are.”
    Cause 5 - 1 = 4...
    And your answer would be right...
    IF this was a math question.
    But this is not a math question…
    The answer is actually still 5.
    “What? Why?”
    Because the frog that decided to jump... didn’t actually jump. It just decided to jump - in its mind.
    But it was so paralyzed by fear and doubt that it never actually jumped. “What if I get eaten by a fish?”
    “What if I get lost?”
    “What if I drown?”
    Now you might be thinking:
    “That’s not fair. It was a trick question!”
    But it’s not about the question, is it?
    It’s about the lesson.
    Too Afraid To Jump...
    You see, most people are stuck where they are in life because they spend far too much time thinking - instead of doing.
    Too much deciding - instead of jumping.
    They’re plagued with thoughts like:
    “What if this doesn’t work?”
    “What if I’m not good enough?”
    “What if I get rejected?”
    They never take action. And they never realize their true potential.
    Don’t get stuck in your own head. Take action. It will instantly shut off the voice in your head that’s holding you back.
    Whatever you want in life, it’s all about taking action, because...
    Action Drives Out Thought
    Has anyone ever won a race without running?
    Or gotten a job without applying?
    Or gotten fit without exercising?
    Yes, it’s not always clear how you’re going to achieve something when you first start - but that’s okay.
    So long as you start, you’ll find your way.
    If you want to win at life you have to roll the dice.
    Progress beats perfection.
    Don’t be the frog that wants to jump - but doesn’t.
    ...don’t be the frog that has big dreams - but doesn’t act on them.
    … don’t be the frog that wastes all his potential because he’s too busy worrying.
    Be the frog that jumps.
    Whatever that means to you.
    Be the frog that jumps towards his goals, his dreams, and his aspirations.
    Be the frog that wins at life.

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