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    We produce top quality 100$ bills and our notes are very unique with features printed exactly like on the real bill.We use 75% cotton and 25% linen for the paper giving the notes a distinct look and feel complimenting it will top quality printing inc
    which makes the notes as distinct as it’s design .We pay attention to all features on the real note ESPECIALLY the blue ribbon line which runs from top to button and also very unique serial numbers which are all registered so as to produce an exact
    replica of the dollar bill making it undetected to the eyes and touch.Our notes can be used in ATM,BANK,EXCHANGE OFFICES,HAND TO HAND EXCHANGE,PURCHASING and all clients are advised to use NOTES which they purchase from us within 8 months because after 8
    months the quality drops and the notes might be detected in some machines though not all. for fast and easy communication,you can reach me via the

    w.i.c.k.r app my address is takopp

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