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    Cartwrights Magazines

    These magazines were printed in 1992 and 1993. There were only 5 issues put out
    before Major League Baseball put enough pressure on the publisher to stop printing because of the "unlicenced" cards being inserted into the magazines.

    Each cover is an artwork, by Gene Locklear. The magazine is a price guide for baseball memorabilia, such as Limited Edition Lithos, Game used/signed bats, signed balls, figurines etc. Each issue is enhanced with the addition of collectable cards. Not just 9, but 27 gold and silver foil enhanced cards in each issue, along with additional special cards in each issue, making for a total of 31 cards in each, 33 in the Premier Issue.

    The following is a list of each issues cover and the cards included in them.

    Issue #1 - The Premiere Issue ($9.00 delivered)
    Cover - Dave Justice
    Cards - Justice, Strawberry, Canseco, Puckett, Griffey Jr., Will Clark, Santiago, Ryan, Bonds, Avery, Dykstra, Gooden, Sabo, Lonnie Smith, Eric Davis,
    Scott Erickson, Ventura, Thomas, Knoblauch, Plantier, Bagwell, Ivan Rodriguez,
    Lankford, Guzman, Chuck McElroy, Mike Stanton and Mike Timlin. There are also 6
    reprints in the style of the old Tobacco Series - Joe Jackson, Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Joe Kelley, Christy Mathewson and Edward Plank.

    Issue #2 ($8.00 delivered)
    Cover - Ken Griffey Jr.
    Cards - Clemens, Ripken, Glavine, Seaver, Henderson, Fielder, Sandberg, Bo Jackson, Bonilla, Wohlers, Pedro Martinez, Hundley, Reggie Sanders, Lofton, Derek Bell, Thome, Van Poppel, Lindros, Brogna, Brien Taylor, Mike Kelley, Bret
    Boone, Frankie Rodriquez, Jeff Juden, Chipper Jones, Cordero and Klesko. There
    are also 4 art cards of Ryan, Strawberry, Griffey and Thomas.

    Issue #3 ($8.00 delivered)
    Cover - Roger Clemens
    Cards - Deion Sanders, McGriff, Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, Gant, McDonald, Mantle (B&W), McGwire, Roberto Alomar, Joey Hamilton, Brian Jordan, Nevin, Dave Fleming, Clayton, Mussina, David McCarty, Piazza (Dukes uniform), Andy Stankiewicz, Al Unser Jr., Mario Lemieux, Emmitt Smith, Richard Petty, Brett Hull, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Evander Holyfield and Shaquille O'Neal. The art card series is continued with Ripken, Glavine (in a Kings hockey uniform), Sandberg and Clemens.

    Issue #4 ($8.00 delivered)
    Cover - Frank Thomas
    Cards - Ripken, Fielder, Joe Carter, Juan Gonzalez, Will Clark, Eckersley, Babe
    Ruth (sepia colored), Canseco, Ryan, Larkin, Sandberg, Thomas, Griffey, Daulton, Sheffield, Glavine, Bonds, Puckett, Aikman, Fedorov, Gretzky, Desmond
    Howard, Lawrence Taylor, Montana, Mashburn, Webber and Grant Hill. The art card
    series is concluded with Puckett, Gwynn, McGwire and Deion Sanders.

    Issue #4 Special Collectors Edition ($20.00 delivered)
    This is the same as Issue #4 above, with the exception that the cards are done
    in a Teal colored foil. There were only 2500 copies printed.

    Issue #5 ($8.00 delivered)
    Cover - Nolan Ryan
    Cards - Maddux, Sandberg, Bonds, Guzman, Pendleton, Thomas, Ted Williams (B&W),
    Smoltz, Ripken, Barkley, Manon Rheaume, Shaq, Larry Johnson, Joe Juneau, Deion
    Sanders, Lindros, Rice and Michael Jordan. A new 9 card Future Hall of Famers set (without foil) was introduced, with Ozzie Smith, Brett, Winfield, Yount, Murray, Puckett, Dawson, Fisk and Ryan. And finally, a 4 card set highlighting
    the previous 4 covers, Justice, Griffey, Clemens and Thomas.

    Issue #5 Special Collectors Edition ($20.00 delivered)
    This is the same as Issue #5 above, with the exception that the first 18 cards
    are done in a light blue foil. Only 2500 copies were produced.

    There are a limited number of each issue available. Please email your orders.

    I can offer complete sets of all 7 different magazines for $50 delivered. But I
    only have 3 sets available.

    Rick J. Young
    14050 Cherry Ave., Suite R-1
    Fontana, CA 92337

    Checks must clear, money orders get prompt shipment.

    Is this deal still good?

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