• Yehu'dit poet Nelly Sachs on the Sho'ah

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    Shalom & Boker tov, George...you are wasting your time with this Opus Dei acolyte. He shrieks he is not a natz'ri, but pantomimes the anti-Yehu'dit proselytising of natz'rut. No amount of methodical, legal documentation will work with this individual,
    who dares call me a member of NAMBLA (I am not, never have been, nor am I gay, nor have I ever had a gay experience), and, in the height of antisemitic frenzy, accuses me of being a 'neo-nazi'. Now, the troll wants to, again, rework hypotheses out-of-
    context. He is a reprehensible paedophile, deflecting his own obsessions with sado-masochistic repression of women (or having intercourse with pigs). Again, George, it is futile to attempt discussion with him. He cannot write, is mostly incoherent
    because of his hatreds -- all in all, a personification of stupidity squared.
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    לחיות זמן רב ולשגשג...לעולם לא עוד

    Do you think you can contact Heinrich Himmler for me...thanks

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