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    It appears that Portland OR dealer in ancient coins Tom Cederlind passed away last week. I don't collect or deal in ancients, so I have no
    relevant comments on his business itself. I was, however, Bourse
    Chairman of the San Jose Coin Club for most of the 1990's, and Tom had a table at that show from before my time up until this year's show. (He's signed up for a table at the show next month, but I don't know if his business partner will be taking over the business or it will be closed.)

    Tom was always a truly nice guy, a genuine pleasure to deal with, and a major asset to the show. He was always low-key, but passionate about
    the hobby, and never made a fuss about the invariable occasional
    glitches that took place during dealer setup and/or public hours. He
    had a wide following of collectors based on his auction catalogs and
    fixed price lists, and was invariably the big attraction at the show for collectors of ancients, benefiting both himself and other dealers in ancients as well.

    Unfortunately, I know very little about Tom's personal life and business history / reputation, so if anyone out there in r.c.c.land would like to comment on that aspect of his life, I for one would certainly appreciate

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    Dear Sir,

    I am Lady Hadassah Rosa Linda Broscova-Righetti.

    I was Thomas Cederlind's wife and mother to his only child, Leif-Spenser Ronen Bentley Broscova-Cederlind. He is only five and half now. Many people, including his only employee, didn't know we were married. Tom and I were private people and both
    shared a deep love for ancient coins and antiquities. Our atavistic tendencies and affections were what lead us together almost ten years ago. He was a fine man and a gentleman. His little son shares many of his lovely attributes and the world lost a
    renowned and respected scholar when he passed. We went to about 1/3 of the coin shows world wide with him annually. He worked closely with the British Museum, often consulting for them and we even donated to their collection. I now live in Europe, as
    there was nothing left for me in America when he passed. I remarried recently, the Count of Vrelo. We live in Scotland and Italy. He was much loved, and one of the top seven minds in all the world in his field. Even a member of the coveted IAPN. I
    hope he will not be forgotten in the numismatic community. Ever. I have some photos if you would like to share with your readers. We aren't active on the internet and his death was excruciating since it was completely unexpected. He was deeply loved
    and respected.
    Lady Hadassah Broscova
    PS my email is countessofvrelo@gmail.com

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