• Planchet Quality

    From george pearl@21:1/5 to All on Tue Aug 1 21:14:10 2017
    I bought a MS68 Indiana quarter on ebay
    to have an example of what such a grade
    would look like.

    I noticed that the coin
    had mirrored fields and I was wondering if
    the Mint specially prepared the planchets
    in order to achieve such quality-maybe
    polishing the planchets prior to striking.

    I've never found a MS68 coin in circulation,
    and I've looked thru tens of thousands of coins.
    My best finds are MS65 and maybe a MS66. The
    problem seems to be finding coins that have
    adequate striking pressure. Not an easy thing.

    So I'm asking if business strike coins are the
    way they are due to a lack of planchet preparation.

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