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    From Anthony R. Gonzales, Sr.@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 1 01:16:09 2016
    On Sat, 05 Mar 2016 14:33:38 -0800, sgt23 wrote:

    Kind of tough to do now. Everyone goes over to Facebook these days.

    Not everybody goes to Facebook. I frequent CoinPeople.com and used to be active on CoinTalk.com a while back. Past few years, I haven't been
    active anywhere due to personal affairs that needed my full attention. I believe the newsgroups have suffered mostly because it was viewed as a
    mostly unmoderated forum for discussion where opinions could freely
    flow. Some did not like this freedom. And you know what happened.

    So, now, people flock to fora that allow them to quickly quell any
    opposing voice or simply ignore such talk that may offend them. Facebook
    is perfect for this. As well, it allows birds of a feather to flock
    together in their own fantasy land where they know all.

    I don't use Facebook. And I don't think I have ever posted to the
    newsgroup in the umteen years I have read it. In the few years that I
    have been on hiatus though, I am quite appaled by the inactivity I have
    seen here.

    The newsgroup will stay alive only if people take the time to actually
    discuss relevant issues here instead of "there". Just like any forum for discussion that is first starting out, it will only grow as those who use
    it advertise the fact that it is here. Want to keep the newsgroup
    alive? Treat like you would any brand new forum, and let people know it
    is here, and use it actively yourself.

    Just saying...

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