• SS Central America Octagonal Humbert $50 Gold Commemorative 2.5 oun

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    On Friday, June 12, 2009 at 6:36:00 AM UTC-4, oly wrote:
    On Jun 11, 9:18 pm, "jack" <sasdfa...@lkuy.com> wrote:
    Hi, they are selling this coin (2.5 ounce gold) for $2,800.00 melt price around $3,400.00.
    Introducing The “SS Central America Octagonal Humbert $50 Gold Commemorative”
    does this coin have any collector value or just gold price?


    Buying this item well "back of melt" would be even better. It's an abomination, a pure commercial perversion of everything that a real numismatist would actually value. Real historical artifacts from the California 1849 Gold Rush era were destroyed to produce this.

    Time has shown that you were entirely wrong on your assertion. These beautiful slugs are collectible and for much more than melt value.

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