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    On Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 9:47:29 AM UTC-5, Joe keane wrote:
    When are they going to update it to match the others?

    Well, with the next currency redesign, there ARE plans to redesign the "$2" bill at least, but not the $1 bill. (A court ruling stated that the BEP must redesign every denomination it is able to "legally" alter, which leaves out the $1 bill, but not the $
    2 bill, not to mention, I had it confirmed to me by the BEP itself that the $2 bill will be redesigned the next time around) I wish that the vending industry would just give it a rest, and allow a $1 bill redesign, however, there is a group the "Dollar
    Coin Alliance" that claims that the end of the $1 bill is near, and maybe 10 years down the line from the $1 bill's demise (if it ever happens) there might be a U.S. $2 coin to replace the $2 bill, if the $2 bill takes off first, as many public opinion
    polls have suggested it would.

    What I don't understand is, why didn't they issue redesigned Kennedy halves starting in 2014 with 2014 being the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Half (1964-2014) even though the half is currently only minted for collector purposes, until the Fed runs out
    of circulation purpose halves, and it its stated that, when that does happen, the U.S. Min will strike more circulation purpose halves.

    We also need a dime redesign already.

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