• Buying coins on Ebay?

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    eBay has many traps. Yet there is no shortage of coins sold there; well >established dealers and knowledgable buyers (and this includes the >"specialty" of ancient coins). All using eBay successfully with mininal
    This is exactly right. Michael and I are miles apart regarding eBay.
    Michael has said he has never bought a coin there and he recommends
    that others don't either. I've bought many, many coins there, as have
    many, many people in this newsgroup -- U.S., world, and ancient -- and
    I and others have gotten some very good deals. I've also sold a fair
    share of coins on eBay and have done well also on the whole, which in
    some cases means I've just gotten back my cost for the coin, which is
    fine -- better than I would have done if I had sold to a dealer or
    consigned to an auction house.
    eBay eliminates the middleman and the often substantial costs
    involved. For a very low transaction cost, you buy or sell directly,
    without having to pay a dealer a markup when buying and an even higher
    markup when selling. I've yet to be scammed on eBay, because I'm
    careful. That's my point, and yours too. eBay can still be a bargain
    hunter's paradise and a smart and cost-effective way to deal coins.
    Regarding Jimmy's initial post, here's a list of reliable, recommended
    eBay sellers of ancient coins, which I've posted here before. This
    isn't a complete list, but buying from these dealers will
    significantly reduce eBay's inherent risk.
    Recommended Dealers of Ancients Coins on eBay
    (alphabetical order by last name)
    Parviz Ahghari of Pars Coins
    Plamen Arsoff of Ancient Treasures
    Kevin Barry of Barry & Darling Ancient Coins
    Elia Demetrious of Quality Ancient Coins
    Brad Bowlin of Eukratides Ancient Numismatics
    Dimitre Genov of Ancient Auction House
    David Hendin of Amphora Coins
    Joe Karon of Atlantic Treasure Coins
    Matt Kreuzer of Old Roman Coins-Classical Cash
    Ilian Lalev of Ancient Caesar
    John Lavender of Atlantis
    Mike Malter of Malter Galleries
    Barbara Francesca Serofilli of Mediterranean Coins
    Clark Smith of Gold Hill Coins
    Email: reid...@removethisnetaxs.com (delete "remove this")
    Consumer: http://rg.ancients.info/guide
    Connoisseur: http://rg.ancients.info/glom
    Counterfeit: http://rg.ancients.info/bogos
    does any one want to buy my coins or stamps

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