• are my National Bicentennial Medals Gold?

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    On Sunday, September 2, 2001 at 10:31:29 PM UTC-6, Georgia, USA wrote:
    Hello, I have several 1976 encapsulated gold looking coins 1-1/2" diameter
    in leather case. Has the Great Seal saying American Revolution Bicentennial and Statue of Liberty with 1776, 1976 reverse. The little pamphlet included states that some of these are solid Gold, while some are 1-1/2" gold-plated...to be sold for scholarships called Bicentennial Fellows.

    I have several encapsulated 1975 similar in plastic *flip* case but with Paul Revere and Lexington on reverse.

    How do I determine if solid gold or plated....and Value?:?

    Thank you, ~Mark W. burnedoncetwiceshy@hotmail.com

    I HAVE A COIN THAT HAS LADY LIBERTY ON ONE SIDE AND ON BACK IS AMERICAN SEAL WITH"AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WARAND WE THE PEOPLE ON IT. Oops didn't realize all caps on....Have you seen one of these? #carolcoins #lostin coinage

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