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    Washington DC and Moscow Russia, April 1, 2018 (API)

    United States Treasury Secretary Stvn Mnchn and Russian Finance Minister
    Igor Lyinhisazov announced this morning that the one-year-old joint
    US-Russia currency has been discontinued. [REFERENCE: "U. S. AND
    RUSSIA ANNOUNCE NEW JOINT CURRENCY", API, April 1, 2017] The joint
    currency, called the "dolbe" in the United States and the "rublar" in
    Russia, was introduced with great fanfare exactly one year ago

    "It is with great sadness that we withdraw from this joint currency."
    Mnchn intoned in his usual nasal monotone. "We had great hopes that the
    full faith and credit of the United States, backed by the vodka, borscht
    and polonium assets of Russia, would provide a stable platform for international commerce. Unfortunately, Russia drank most of their
    vodka, ate most of their borscht and used most of their polonium for
    'British cocktails', so the United States ended up supporting this
    currency by itself." "That is like the ballet," Lyinhisazov responded, "completely Bolshoi! Russia has warehouses full of potatoes and beets
    from sea to shining sea, and can easily produce enormous amounts of
    vodka and borscht, as soon as we can get some electricity to the
    factories. Polonium, unfortunately, is indeed in short supply due to
    some unanticipated overuses during this past year."

    Mnchn announced significant changes to the coin and currency products.
    "The one dolbe/rublar Hilary Clinton / Boris Yeltsin coin will be
    discontinued. Even transit systems have almost universally gone to
    'smart cards' now, so the coin has become as superfluous as a Democratic
    budget proposal."

    The twenty dolble/rublar note, currently featuring George Washington and Vladimir Lenin, will be replaced with a twenty dollar note featuring the portrait of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. "The President wanted
    to commemorate something he accomplished during his first year in
    office," Mnchn stated, "so there weren't very many ideas to pick from."

    The hundred dolble/rublar note, currently featuring First Daughters
    Ivanka Trump and Yeoxerina Putin, will be replaced with a hundred dollar
    note featuring Donald Trump's son. "Not Don Junior," Mnchn clarified,
    "the other one ... whatisname ... Erwin ... Erhard ... whatever."

    The thousand dolble/rublar note, currently featuring First Sons Don Jr.
    and Garbajescow Putin, will be replaced with a thousand dollar note
    featuring a portrait of one of Trump's cabinet members. "It's being reconsidered at this moment." Mnchn admitted, "As of last month, it was
    going to show Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, but that got shelved.
    Then a new note featuring National Security Advisor H R. McMaster was
    planned, but that never even got into the design stage. We were thinking
    about Secretary of Veterans Affair David Shulkin, but that's not going
    to happen now. If I last through the end of the month, it might end up
    with me being on the note. We'll let you know."

    The million dolble/rublar note, currently featuring Melania Trump and Lyudimungous Putin, will be replaced with a million dollar not featuring
    a woman to be named at a later time. "Let's just say that President
    Trump is currently negotiating a few non-disclosure agreements.", Mnchn
    added, "and he wants to have a few bargaining chips at the negotiating
    table, if you know what I mean."

    The billion dolble/rublar note, featuring portraits of Warren Buffet
    and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, is being discontinued. "Most people who want
    to spend a billion dollars on something write a check these days, or put
    it on their Amex black card,", Mnchn admitted, "so the billion
    dolbe/rublar note was highly underutilized this past year. In fact,
    only three were used -- two by drug cartels to buy South American
    countries, and one by Melania to buy a china cabinet for the White House
    so she has somewhere to store her Elvis collector plates."

    The trillion dolble/rublar note, featuring portraits Ronald Reagan and
    Mikhail Gorbachev is also being retired. "We used nineteen of these
    notes to buy our country back from China, and two more for purchases so
    highly classified that I can't even tell you that we spent two more of
    them ... oops ... never mind ... we aren't live here, are we?".

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