• Dockery challnge....art is now the subject

    From Lord Penis@21:1/5 to Chafetz Chayim benAvraham on Tue Feb 20 05:14:20 2018
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    On 19-Feb-18 20:23, Chafetz Chayim benAvraham wrote:
    On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 5:12:39 PM UTC-8, ME wrote:
    You're a nasty, vile person, will.
    No wonder no one likes you.

    Shalom & Erev tov...do you make a fetish out of being a disgraced troll like ScarlottiPsychoBarney, or is this due to your being a chronic bigot? And, please, don't shame yourself further in saying I am 'fake'. In a week or so, an outside Yehu'dit
    observer, a friend of Will's who is fluent in Hebrew, will authenticate the veracity and authenticity of my identity as a Yehu'di. At that point, you can shut your fucking mouth permanently.
    STEPHAN PICKERING / fake-jew

    Look at old Pick cumming to the defense of his wife Will Dockery and his
    vagina beard.

    But even the rebbe has proclaimed Pick as a phone jewboy. Maybe Pick
    needs Barney Frank to give him a BJ.

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