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    Let me put it another way.

    Trump and Trump voters are stupid stupid stupid.

    Trump is a con artist, and the poor working class were coned by a con artist.

    He's a fucking racist, he stared his so called career with millions of dollars given to him by his fucking slumlord racist asshole.

    People say he's a great businessman. Do we want our great country run like his other investnments with going bankrupt and shafting good honest worker shafted 5 times.

    He has accompished nothing. He wants to waste billions of our hard earned, dollars buiding an necessary "beautiful" wall. This is racist, and if it
    was completed it would devastate our economy.

    Trump is a traitor to the American people, bought and sold by Putin. >>>>>
    Instead of draining the swamp he has hired them.

    Go tell the homeless how great our economy is.

    The Central Park 5 demonstrates how racist he is. To remind he he took out a full page add calling for the execution of 5 people of color. When they found they were innocent this stupid racist moron said they should be executed anyways. For what.

    Yes, I'm talking to you Trump Train. You are a fucking moron and you don't
    know you're stupid stupid stupid.

    He's so stupid he can't read a book, he's turned this nation into a laughing stock around the world.

    He is stupid he doesn't know if he uses nuclear weapons it will contaminate our biosphere and end life as we know it. Game over.

    Stupid stupid stupid moron.

    You are an ignorant fucking moron, libtwat.

    A typical Democrat from NY whose state is going down the toilet and
    whose citizens are leaving in droves because of the tax and spend
    cuntface libtwats you assholes vote in.

    Soon your state will be left with only illegal dregs who speak Spanish; >>>> faggots who are looking for their next fudgepacking; chimps who rape,
    murder and steal; and pontificating jews who think all this stuff is ok. >>>>
    So you continue to worship Clinton's cunt and have wet dreams about
    Obozo massaging your nutsack you sick deviant pig.

    Who the fuck are you? And, no I don't live in New York. I live in the state that leads the nation in science, innovation, research. Our state of the art military technology is developed in this state your moron. I worked with Top Secret Clearance
    developing state of the art technology as a systems engineer along with my friends develing the F23, the F14, Joint Stars, the B2, and you know shit about stealth, technolology.

    I was thanked by General McPeak for my system engineering on JSTARS, for doing was no one in the airforce could do, saying because of our, Grumman engineering genius there were only 11 American casualties. When was the last time a General thanked
    your because you are a genius, you ignorant moron. You are an asshole.

    Trump knows shit about battlefield management. While Obama was developing an employing robotics, such as drones, which I saw the blue prints for in advanced systems in 1996, Trump who is so stupid that he hasn't read a book as an adult, and went
    bankrupt 5 times, doesn't understand a World War II carrier with a flying bridge in the age of stealth is completely obsolete.

    I worked doing top secret work for the air force doing the research that kept American safe. When was the last time you put your life on the line.

    I got paid more taking a shit than you probably get paid for a day for my genius, your arrogant asshole. You are a moron, who doesn't know shit about stealth, 5 generation fighters, space weapons, robotics, or science you ignorant twit.

    What a fucking Moron you are. You probably voted for a con artist who ran the Trump university which was nothing more than a scam. It would take a complete moron to vote for him

    While you contribute NOTHING to America, I was at 30,000 feet as a group of Grumman geniuses, serving out nation, and saving our soilder's lives you ignorant asshole.

    I was part of the team developing the F23 which was far superior to the F22, and our avionics were so superior that they were incorporated to the F22 you stupid stupid stupid little prick. Where did you get your degree, some high school perhaps?

    I got a MASTERS from Columbia University with all As and A+, and accepted into their Ph. D program when I left to live in the country, where I worked on state of the art products created by Corning, such as every piece of glass that was shot into
    space, including the Hubble your stupid prick.

    I designed a state of the art top secret gateway between Grumman's classified network and and the air force's classified network, to serve America because I was recognized as a genius and thanked by the Top Generals in the Air Force for my work
    serving this nation.

    While working on that project, I returned to Dec, because the genius engineers at Dec's engineering wanted my brains to work on Mission Critical support for them, you ignorant twit, where I supported things like Goddard Space Center. I was the
    technical account manger for all of New York Cities Hospitals and health facilities including Rikers Island you moron.

    My uncle, my mentor was the counsel with an office in the white house for president Carter and Nixon. He went on to being the top security analyst of the Pentagon, leading nation in intelligence analyst because you little inginicant twit, I come
    from a family known as geniuses.

    I am a millionarie without even working except having fun teaching music and touring europe as a professioinal musician because I am a genius and beat the dow by 10 fucking points last year. My net worth, without even working is about $2 million
    dollars. I made more taking shit than you do working for a weeks labor because you have a little stupid brain, along with your stupid president. Even the CEO of exxon things he's a moron, and you voted for a con artist that shafted people that worked
    for him 5 times that will bankrupt this nation. He doesn't even understand that science is real. He doesn't even understand that climate change is going to Flood our costal cities, such as New York and the State of Florida. He censors the top scientific
    minds at NASA, he is so stupid.

    He says we have nuclear weapons and wants to use him, which will destroy our biosphere and end all life on this planet because stupid stupid stupid ignorant fools like you voted for a man unable to read and only could get into college because this
    draft dodger without balls donated money so they would take his stupid son.

    Meanwhile, Obama had a 144 IQ, that is a genius. He implemented robotics, space weapons which I worked on that are above top secret that Trump can't even understand his security briefings because like you he is stupid. Obama was understood how to use
    the state of the art military technology, I know because I helped devoloped stuff that required my clearance above top secret. I worked with people at NASA on these technology which you know shit about.

    Because you don't have the ability to understand the level of technoology your stupid stupid man.

    This is your first post in this group. You only display your stupidity, you moron. You are stupid stupid stupid.

    When is the last time you worked with the top scientists and engineers for the Air Force, and NASA you moron? I did.

    Now, the Mets have really done a great job adding to their rotation and infield. I'm so happy they finally brought a scientist with brains into
    supervising their training methods.

    Everything you say is total bullshit.

    No way you could have possibly worked in the fields you have claimed.
    And given the tenor of your posts, no way you could have a PhD because
    you post like a 4th grader with your juvenile arguments and retorts.

    Your logic and arguments are totally facile as well which is why people
    routinely criticize your ignorant posts.

    And your love of Obozo only reinforces the view that you are essentially
    a loud mouthed pillock who knows more about the floor of a jail cell
    after a drunk night out at Citi Field than an academic on the bottom of
    an Obozo oreo sandwich.

    Yes you fucking moron. I can document everything I wrote you little stupid prick.

    And, I"ve been nationally published.

    And, at Grumman, I wrote the Survivor's Guide to the Classified Computer Environment, which was published by Grumman and distributed to 800 engineers working on JSTARS, and all new hires.

    You are a stupid little prick.

    And, yes, I have a Masters Degree From Columbia University, and yes, I taught myself VMS systems engineering while working as a Professor at Fordham Univesity, Dec, Corning, Grumman, and again doing Mission Critical Customer Support.

    You are stupid little man.

    You claim to be so smart and accomplished yet you are a whinging, thin
    skinned pillock who can't seem to have a conversation about anything
    without it devolving into emotional invective.

    And what is even funnier is that you think all of these alleged
    accomplishments of yours makes you a better person than the rest of us.
    You are typical of the despised left wing elitists whose smug
    superiority makes them much disliked in America.

    So none of what you are claiming is either believed or even germane to
    Mets baseball. It is just more self affirmation by a blowhard
    know-nothing who spends most of his time sucking his Obozo-doll's cock.

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