• Coin authenticity

    From thelivinglady@21:1/5 to All on Fri Apr 1 10:31:06 2016
    I have an unusual world coin purchased some time ago.

    IT IS described as CELTIC, Britain. tRINOVANTES AND cATUVELLAUNI. cURIOBELIN, circa ad 10-43 av STATER (5.50 g.2h) Classic Type circa AD20-43. CA MV flanking grain ear/CVNO.ROMANIZED HORSE RIGHT; BRANCH AOVE. VAN ARSDELL 2027-1; SCBC 288. NEAR EF, MINOR
    DIE RUST FROM THE ANDREW WAYNE COLLECTION. It sold ten years ago at acution of $1100 plus buyer's fee.

    Interested? Comments. Hasn't been graded yet. PCGS REURNED IT with a "no number" note on it.

    Can send auction photo if wanted. email me at nancyk at Windstream dot net.

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