• Hey Jeff!

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    On 11-Jan-18 19:55, Tim wrote:
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    On Tuesday, December 26, 2017 at 9:05:49 PM UTC-6, Nil wrote:
    Hey, Jeff Crabbe! Haven't seen you post here for a while. I know we've
    had our differences, but I really don't hold a grudge. I believe you're
    good at heart. I hope you and your friends and family are doing OK.

    Happy religious and secular holidays to you and yours.

    I'll just use this post for Nil and for RichL. Thanks for the advice, Nil. >> Rich, thanks for wishing me well, and yes, you're right. Her name was Beth.

    My sincere condolences, Jeff. I can still recall your meetup, with your GF which you claimed you had to keep on the down low, from back in our Webtv days. Good to see you back here and it's my hope a brighter future awaits you up the road.

    Why would Jeffie have to keep her on the down low, was one of them
    cheating on an existing spouse or did she make massive smelly farts in
    public that caused offence to many plopheads?

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