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    Hope this makes it--here's what Pat said about Holiday Hamlet. They
    sound great!!

    Holiday Hamlet

    The current pieces in the Holiday Hamlet collection are:

    Village Sign $40.00
    Village Square Clock 50.00
    Carols In The Snow 30.00
    Blizzard Express (Stationary train) 95.00
    Musical Waterball 45.00
    Musical Waterball 90.00
    Hand Car With Track 35.00
    Bell Choir Elves Musical 65.00
    Decorating the School Tree 85.00

    Lighted Houses

    Stocking Stuffer’s Workshop 45.00
    Christmas Pageant Stage 75.00
    Toymaker’s Workshop 45.00
    Holiday Hamelt Chapel 75.00
    World’s Best Snowman 55.00
    Snowman Supply Hut 65.00
    Dr. B. Well’s Office 75.00
    Dollmaker’s Cottage 175.00
    Whistlestop Junction Train Stop 65.00
    Tannenbaum Castle (1994 LTD Ed.) 250.00


    Gathering Pine Boughs 10.00
    Dr. Quack and Patient 15.00
    Christmas Carolers 20.00
    Waving Elf 10.00
    Pastry Vendor 10.00
    Christmas Treats 15.00
    Nanny Rabbit and Bunnies 20.00
    Bell Choir Fox 10.00
    The Parson 10.00
    Conductor (Railroad) 10.00
    Dr. B. Well 15.00
    Dollmaker 15.00
    Gathering Apples 15.00
    Bell Choir Bunny 15.00
    Skaters 20.00
    Welcome Banner 20.00
    Delivering Gifts 20.00
    Old Royal Elf 20.00
    Santa Claus 25.00
    Mr. Grizzly 20.00
    Mrs. Grizzly 20.00
    Castle Herald(1995 Limited Edition) 25.00
    Miss Fox, School Mistress 20.00
    Little Angels 30.00
    Mr. Winterberry Pie Vendor(1993 LTD) 25.00
    Proud Mother and Father 20.00
    Poor Shepherds 15.00
    Blessed Mother and Joseph Players 24.00

    Original Retail Price


    Baby Squirrel 15.00
    Dollmaker’s Apprentice 15.00
    The Porter 25.00
    The Squirrel Family 15.00
    Tying the Christmas Garland 20.00
    Welcome Elf 10.00

    Lighted Houses

    Holiday Manor 75.00
    Tavern in the Woods 125.00


    Silent Night Singers 30.00

    Limited Editions

    1993--Railroad Station 125.00
    1994 --Mr. Winterberry’s Pie Shop 100.00

    These are large houses, bigger than D56. They are more translucent
    than d56 houses which means they need supplemental lighting in a dark
    room to keep the colors from washing out. The detail and painting are fantastic, w
    ell above anything out there. The figurines are either Gnome-style
    elves or animals. I did leave out the set of three Tree Trunk Display
    bases at $150.00 and the Porcelain Lighted Trees at $45.00 for a large
    tree and 30
    00 for a small tree.

    I have no idea if there is a secondary market for these pieces, and
    would really like to know.

    Any questions? Just ask.

    Lisa Pavlov <lhpavlov@ix.netcom.com or lisahp@aol.com>
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    I have SEVERAL pieces I got when my Mom died,even lighted and unlighted Tannenbaum castle,lighted 1429\2300,unlighted 749\2300.I don't really want to list all of them on Ebay,You know of anyone interested?

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