• Frigoboat - The Smoking Gun (or compressor)

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    I'm leaving out the various conversations from contributors just to not >> get in a pissing match :{))

    Richard Kollmann, a reasonably respected marine refrigeration guy, has
    been playing this tune for quite a while.

    The overheat function is supposed to be in the controller which, if IT'S >> cool enough, won't do anything. If the outgoing gas (with minute traces >> of oil in it, of course) gets hot enough (as apparently it did, based on >> my having to replace an o-ring on the high pressure connector), it
    doesn't have to be in the compressor to change state, either. So, unless >> whomever your builder is had put in a sensor IN/ON the compressor, an
    overheat might well be missed.

    Well, that sure is a defective engineering design. It's a simple
    matter to place a thermostat in or on the condenser which, when
    it reaches a preset critical temperature, switches the unit off.

    An overheat failsafe that's elsewhere is African engineering at best.

    Frigoboat should be ashamed of such an inferior design.

    Sir Gregory

    Kollmann has several areas of design complaint about the Frigoboat system...



    Kollmann has several areas where he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. He has books full of mis-information and half-truths. Take what he says with a lot of salt....

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    MMCBRIDDE said:

    "Kollmann has several areas where he doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. He has books full of mis-information and half-truths. Take what he
    says with a lot of salt...."

    Thanks for the heads up. I see you sell many brands of systems; apparently you have followed my saga of the Frigoboat failure, as well.

    So, would you mind illustrating where it is that RK was wrong, or
    misinforming, in my case?

    Or was this a general warning for the remaining 3 people who read this newsgroup (Neal harassers excepted)?

    FWIW, I'm finally coming to terms with the voracious appetite for electrons
    in the new SeaFrost air and water cooled system (which works perfectly - but with air and water near 80, averages 7A - that is over extended periods -
    e.g. 8 hours, 56AH consumption). The colder it gets, the better (less
    average amps) that number is.

    It's a dream to defrost by comparison to my SS-fronted, largest-evaporator-plate-Frigoboat-offers previous - but uses something on
    the order of 50-100% more electrons, particularly since the compressor is in the engine room; with a keel cooler, it's of no consequence; with air (never run the engine, and have it never above 70, it does well) and water needed
    to cool the SeaFrost, not so much...



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