• Just how bad is Ferro-Cement?

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    Any opinions would be valued. I have heard some horror stories, but for the money, you sure seem to get a lot of boat? Please post your responses...thanks.

    Jeff Keiser

    Ive built two structures of FC and they are holding up well in only a few years on them. I am prepairing to build a super adobe/ferro cement sound studio. FC roof. Its a handcrafted design with three exsisting walls that I will come very close to. My
    plan is to install rubber roofing flashing between the two with premeir water proofing.
    Im my option the key to building with FC is to have trained person applying the materials with consistancy.. Im opposed to workshops with this tech. Curing time is critical.. Watering the cement is cureing it. I have had good luck in watering all day
    for three days...Ive Not had one leak in the two designes we built here in Guatemala with Ulew Atitlan in Santiago Atitlan Solola Guatemala. Im conscidering the post of three weeks drying time and will explore FC more...

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