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    Your Vancouver 25 is not from the same manfacturer. REAL
    Vancouvers were manufactured in Canada.

    Despite the name, I didn't think they were ever built in Canada. They were originally built in the UK and then later in the USA according to the
    current manufacturers website. Could you tell me about this Canadian
    builder your speaking of?


    Hi: Some 27's were built in Canada, and of course they were designed by Canadian Robert Harris. But many more were built in the U.K., and fitted out by Preon - these are the premium boats and it's not just fit & finish. The tumblehome and a bit more beam
    makes them better in a seaway. Regards.

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    Bought a UK-built Vancouver 27 in 2001 in Thailand. Sailed it about in the Andaman Sea for five or so years. Then three years sailing home to Canada with my wife. Sold her in 2013 to move up in size. We loved her and still talk about her as if she was a
    missing child. She was so simple and uncomplicated. Safe.

    So many different layouts, but standing headroom (my wife and I are sure it was 6’2) in a small area that included the galley.

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