• Dr Shantanu Panigrahi - Complete Dosier for New Scotland Yard (1/3)

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    Dr Shantanu Panigrahi, Scientist & Philosopher Extraordinaire, is the Victim
    of an Enormous Supra-National Conspiracy involving Governments, Courts,
    Police, Lawyers, Judges, Prosecutors, Forum Admins, Chicken Industry Executives, Educators, Politicians, Complaints-Handlers, Ombudsmen, Motorcyclists, Paedophiles, Secret Services & Mental Health Providers of UK, India, France, Pakistan, Botswana, Zimbabwe & other countries not as yet identified but could include Cameroon, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Holland & Kenya,
    but is bravely fighting back for Justice as documented at the websites: https://shantanup.wordpress.com https://groups.google.co.uk/forum/#!search/%22Shantanu%2BPanigrahi%22

    The following details are all available at the above websites and are reproduced here for convenience:
    Addresses: 3 Hoath Lane, Wigmore, Gillingham, Kent, ME8 0SL, UK, also Plot 2457/1 Gourinagar, Bhubaneswar 751002, Odisha, India also A13/3 Kalindi
    Housing Estate, North 24 Parganas, South Dum Dum, Kolkata 700089, W.Bengal, India
    Emails: shanpanigrahi[at]yahoo.co.uk, panigrahi[at]gmail.com, catlovers[at]hotmail.co.uk, shan.panigrahi[at]nri.org
    Phones: (+44) 01634 379604, (+44) 07967 789619
    Dates of Birth: January 15 & August 8 1957, as/when required (selection on
    type of Disability Benefit, Legal Fees Waiver etc. being claimed), alt
    surname 'Praharaj'
    Net Wealth: About US$ 9,000,000 (Rs. 50 crore) including properties in India Lawyers: Miss Courtney Olding c.olding[at]pohwer.net & her partner Prof
    Gurpal (Paul) Singh Tiwana tiwana9rf[at]btinternet.com, both of 12 Nares
    Road, Parkwood, Rainham, ME8 9RF, UK
    UK Social Security (National Insurance) No. YZ330724D NHS No. 6284771487 Hospital No. R570808AD


    DETAILS of the crimes suffered at http://shantanup.wordpress.com (you can
    show your support there)
    SUMMARIES of these crimes at https://twitter.com/shanpanigrahi & https://shantanup.wordpress.com/diary-2
    KEY to abbreviations at the end of this list; most places are in Kent or UK

    Wilson, British Aid Management Office, New Delhi, one of 8 "Wilson" criminals Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants
    Professor Guddam (deceased), "The Liar" who accused me of plagiarism
    North & Central Kent Magistrates Court (all judicial & administrative staff
    in 2014-5)
    Parliamentary Standards Commission
    H.M. Queen (dethronement & suing, Crown Immunity having been ruled bogus by Griffith-Jones at Medway County Court, but no beheading, because of Pardon issued)
    Colin Irvine, PMC
    M.I. Wakefield, alleged VOPA founder
    The British State & all its agents at home & abroad - see https://shantanup.wordpress.com/2016/01/07
    Nckentmc, an annonymous agent of Kent HMCTS
    District Judge Green, Medway Court, linked to Green Acre academy, who must be arrested immediately
    COBRA Committee under the PM
    Theresa May as PM in my case no. E35YM660 for 5,000,000 to 15,000,000
    Angela Wright, Criminal & Civil Law Policy Unit
    Narendra Modi, P.M. of Republic of India, who I will take into custody at the earliest opportunity
    Natasha Spreadborough, solicitor colleague of Anna Turnbull-Walker
    R Newton, Tribunal Officer (Employment)
    Peter Edwards, a likely plant by Kalsi Bhardwaj
    Michael Parker, Solicitor
    Peter Edwards Law Ltd
    Professor Dyson Wills, UoG
    Kelly Mills, Wigmore Medical Centre, Chief Accomplice of Frankenstein
    Tassells Solicitors, Faversham
    Assistant Chief Constable Allyn Thomas, Kent Criminals, part of the Toad Jestice System
    Dr Andrew Grant Westby, Natural Resources Institute, UOG & Wye College
    Highways Agency
    Nirj Deva MEP
    Rt Hon Theresa May MP as Home Secretary but not as Prime Minister
    Boobie Susan Savage, an agent provocateur of the British Secret Service
    Packard Bell Computers, a division of Hewlett Packard for corrupting my
    Dr Anjana Shah, Long Catlis Rd Surgery, Rainham
    PC 13753, Kent Police
    Sanchia Wheeler, Solicitor (Birmingham)
    Dover Institute for the Criminally Insane
    Ministry of Justice or rather Injustice & Paedophilia
    Joseph N Heaford, solicitor (false) at IOPC
    West Yorkshire Police
    Police Detective Inspector 46010977 Lee Neiles
    Detective Inspector Grant Stead, training at West Yorkshire Police
    Sid Nuncius, Archer
    James Bromley, IPCC
    Disability Living Allowance Assessment Team, Medway
    Dr Htike, Shelley Ward, Littlebrook Hospital
    Chat Perera, Senior Complaints Investigator for NHS England Whoreley
    PC 1593 Christopher Parnell, North Yorkshire Police
    Vicky Ayech, Archeress
    Dr Sunaina
    Catherine Skelton, Executive Officer, University of London
    James Cropper, IOPC liar
    Kamran Hussain, Solicitor, Leeds who covets my Monneka
    Zin Lee LLB, New York
    Rehman Chishti MP
    Devi Palanivelu, UN Secretariat, probably not devi8
    Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesman for the UN Secretary General
    Tuckers Solicitors, Kent branch
    Mailer Daemon, for persistent harassment of my email activities
    P Brady, Maidstone Crown Court, claimed unrelated to Mrs Sue Brady
    Nkomi Debrah, Queen's Bench Issue Dep't
    Central London Civil Justice Centre
    Russell Jones & Walker, Solicitors
    Sue Brady, Maidstone Crown Court
    Narendra Singh Ahluwalia LLB, Advocate
    Paul Clark, retired MP
    Police & Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire
    Beckett Solicitors LLP
    Nic Gould, suspected to be the Nic[at]Medway County Court who refuses to give surname
    Richard the Lion-heart poster who Kent Police refused to arrest
    Kynvin, Maidstone County Court Officer
    June Go*, unknown deep state anonym with evil intent
    British Gas
    Management Committee, Siri Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Gillingham
    Colonel Edmund J. Burke, PMC
    June Goodwin, HMCTS
    "LeO Admin", a fake name used by a State Moron at the Legal Ombudsman
    Atif Mahmoud, HMCTS stooge
    Eddie De Guello, PMC
    Michael Alig, Club-Kid Killer & stalker
    Ian Lavery MP, Shadow Minister for Trade Unions & Civil Society
    Kevin Joss, Trainee Solicitor aka Joss Macdonald MP
    Treasury Solicitor & accomplices
    Chief Constable Mike Fuller, Kent Criminals, part of the Toad Jestice System Linda Nicolaides FRSPH, state informant
    Daniel Jackson, Trainee Solicitor
    Shell Petroleum
    Commissioner, City, London Police
    Gordon Seekings, Liberal Democrats who shielded mailinator Nick Clegg
    Richard Hindle, Admin Officer, CCMCC
    Milton Platt, RF liar
    Nadia Hussain (spelling may vary), QB Issue & Enquiries
    Evolution Team of Deepak Chopra, Bernardo Kastrup, Leo Krauss & Richard
    Christine Worsley, HMCTS Customer Investigations Team Directorate
    John Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons who never replied to my Summons Freedom of Information assessment unit, Home Office & Manpower Services
    Tony Bristow-Stagg, an agent of MI5
    Detective Constable 11338 Gibbins, Kent Criminals
    Rashmi Praharaj Panigrahi, only in her capacity as complainant, not as kutia Maribelle Birao, Authorhouse Greenberry
    Simon Evenden, Solicitor (claimed but seems unlikely from the standard of communication)
    Jayne Stevens, Medway County Court Petty Clerk
    United Nations (UN), New York NY11001 (Refugees Section)
    Donna Edmunds, member of oldest profession
    Dr Masoud, Consultant Psychiatrist, Canada House
    Laura Spira, Archeress
    Julie Boswell, Solicitor
    Deputy District Judge Mark Harvey, after whose bastard grandfather the
    hospital where I was unlawfully held was named, and who must be arrested immediately
    Matrix Chambers, Barristers
    Jacqui Goold, Administrator at OISC
    Joanna Hamer, Issue Section, Medway County Court
    James Hadley Chase, Jr.
    Alison Hall, Senior Systemic Psychotherapist at Medway Secondary Care Psychological Therapies Service
    Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court at Den Haag
    Bruce Porter, PMC
    County Solicitors, Chatham
    The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund for failing to return my donation
    Dr Barry Blake, Head, Dep't for International Development, Natural Resources Institute, UoG, a plagiarist
    Dr P Paciorek, Occupational Physician, Kent Police
    Dr K Manivannan, Thames Avenue Practice
    Absolute Barrister
    Natural Resources Dep't, UoG at Chatham Maritime
    District Judge Millward, Maidstone Combined Court, who should be arrested immediately
    Dennis Goodinson, c/o HM Prison Service
    Dep't of Social Security & all its cohort
    Mrs S Miller, Maidsone County Court Officer
    IP Address on August 11, 2018 07:15:14 GMT+1
    S. Lewcock (dec'd) former overseas aid co-ordinator whose lawyer started harassing me for no reason
    Strachan School of Motoring
    Jerome, MI5 agent on RF who called me a "moronic fucktard" on 1/3/2014 & told me to commit suicide
    Unknown hackers who stole the password to Satyam website & used it to resell risperidone
    Chief Constable Lisa Winward, North Yorkshire Police
    Mackenzie Sharp, Conference Services, Labour
    Sajid Javid, Home Secretary
    John Ashby, Archer
    Chair of Nutrition, Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling (usurper) Davidson J Cameron, Solicitor
    Judge Cryan, RCJ, who should be arrested immediately
    Gwain Towler, Ukip double agent
    Hull County Court
    Michael Gove, Justice Minister (2015)
    Lois Derham, PALS & Complaints Officer, KMPT
    Kentucky Fried Chicken staff in Norbiton in 1977 who accused me of
    mistreating chickens even though they were dead
    Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) South East Area HQ
    Wasim Yunus, Head, Member & Supporter Services, Libdem Party
    Sebastian Del Monte, Solicitor
    Authorhouse LLC for failing to pay me royalties on the book they refused to publish
    Neville Collins, Senior Administrator, HMCTS, relative of the West Yorkshire criminal
    Secretary Theo Glypsis, Embassy of the Hellenic Republic, London
    Professional Standards Dep't, Kent Police
    Scot Moncreif & Associates, Solicitors, probably connected to Maggie Duff (Scots)
    Jonathan Melia, Solicitor
    J.P. Giliver, PMC Poet
    Stephen Joyce, CCMCC Admin Peon
    "Starry Nightshade", TR liar
    "dfnj", RF liar
    Dr B Panda, International Poultry Hall of Fame, unconnected to 'Panda' of
    Kent Police
    Keith Hinton, QB Division
    Talk Rational forum (TR) (all mods & admins)
    Lee J. Catling, Head, Professional Standards Dep't, IPCC
    "MetallicHue", RF communist
    OTS Solicitors
    Commissioner of Police for Bhubaneswar & Cuttack
    Monitoring Officer of Medway Council for failure to monitor
    M A. Bishop, CCMCC Peon
    Christopher Hope, journalist
    Lynne J Baecker, stalker
    Dr Richard Mathewman, Livestock Production Programme Manager
    Davies Arnold & Cooper Solicitors for CAB who confused me
    County Court Money Claims Centre (all Salford staff)
    Cabinet Office esp "Louise" who refused to give his surname (2014/TO615415) D.Bailey, CCMCC Under-Peon
    S J Wyatt, Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    Gwen Harrison, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards
    Symantec who installed spywares into my computer
    Dr Isaac Sundeep, professional sadist, supplier of false diagnoses, Medway Maritime Hospital's Consultant Psychiatrist
    Sadiq Khan in his capacity as former Shadow Justice Secretary, not London
    "Jos", RF liar
    D Edwards, Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    Sue, who refused to supply surname, at QB Issue & Enquiries who signed for my letter at 7:54am on 16 May 2017
    Mike Percival, an Overt Soliciting Agent of a Yorkshire Police Force
    Helen Gaylot, Long Catlis Rd Surgery, Rainham
    Nicola Hazeldene, Digital Support Officer, Medway County Court
    Steven Holloway, Assessor at the Legal Ombudsman
    Inspector David Matson, Kent Criminals, accomplice of phands & TR criminals Phoenix Pharmacy for adding opium to prescriptions thereby creating addiction Dr Opanuga an Evil One, Long Catlis Rd Surgery, Rainham
    Alex Charles Calthrop, A&O Enterprises
    "Hog", PMC
    Police Inspector Joseph Holness, Kent Criminals
    Esther Ruth Mcvey MP whose dep't stalked me
    Angela McNab, Medway Mental Health Trust, relative of Jim McNab
    James Rowan, Citizen vs State, Inc.
    Solicitors Regulation Authority
    Professor Sir Adrian Smith, the Vice Chancellor of University of London "Wizofoz", Secular Cafe Mod & defamer at Rational Skepticism, bestiality suspect
    NHS Walk-In Centre, Balmoral Court, Gillingham
    Sarah Morgan, Gullands Solicitors
    Sathi Satpathy, Temple Farm Ltd Till Manager
    Thames Avenue Surgery, malpractitioners in Medway
    Barclays Bank
    Central London Criminal Court (The Old Bailey)
    Philip Fitchett, Medway SJU (Courts Section)
    Ranbir S Kalsi, separate from other Kalsis
    Kent Live News, collaborator in crimes against me
    Andy Stamp, double agent
    Knight & Gale Chambers, a pseudonym for Stenhouse
    Nick Odell, Archer
    UK Independence Party
    PC Wilkins, Bury St. Edmunds Police
    HR Dep't of UoG (all staff 2001-3)
    Hans Sok Appadu LLB LLM, OTS Solicitors
    Mohammed Khan Bakhri, M.Sc.(Econ. Hons), Pakistan High Commission, London Jaspreet Bhatti, Mental Health Tribunal Applications Clerk
    Dr Shobha, Consultant Psychiatrist, Kingsley House
    Gyanajuga Publications, Bhubaneswar
    Dr Thomas, Research Manager, UoG
    "Segev Moran", RF liar
    Rt Hon The Lord Tugendhat
    James Blunt, a perverted one at RF
    ELS Law & associates, East End London
    Dr Rakesh Patel formerly of Canada House
    Dr Ahmet, Canada House with suspected underground links to TSMH
    David English, IPCC Contact Advisor
    Lauren Wood, HMCTS Customer Service Team
    Joe Treglown, IOPC liar
    J. Sherwood, Duty Judge's assistant
    J Morris, Maidstone Crown Court Concealment Officer
    Yashvardhan Kumar Sinha, London High Commissioner for India
    Greenberry Publishing
    Sun Life
    Primary Care Team, NHS Medway Clinical Commissioning Group
    Rod Bowen, Forestry Specialist at UoG (basically, overpaid gardener)
    Lord Irvine of Lairg, dec'd, former Lord Chancellor, for failing to brief the Queen adequately on proceedings
    Vic Kanwar, a double agent of the Bar Standards Board
    "DeviChaaya", homosexuality apologist at TR
    Marty Caine, a stooge of Capsticks Solicitors LLP
    Trisha Starbrook, IPCC
    Dr B Irala, Kingsley House, author of defamatory report on my mental health Kingston College of Further Education (all 1972-4 admin & staff)
    Legal Aid Agency
    Institute of Hydrology in Wallingford, Oxfordshire
    Judge Kurrein at the High Court of Chancery who must be arrested immediately Alan Higgins, HMCTS Junior Clerk
    Councillor Tris Osborne
    Police Sergeant Glenn Fisher, PC 46012548
    "Amanda XX", TR liar
    A J Reese, Education Officer claiming to be Headteacher
    Banks Kelly Solicitors
    Lutomi Kasumu, Solicitor's Clerk
    Lindsay Donohoe c/o The Legal Ombudsman
    Amber Rudd, Jr Urologist at Medway Maritime Hospital
    Saiqa Shaffi, Solicitor (IPCC now broken up because of my complaints & made into IOPC)
    Susan Bond, Greenacre Academy
    Claire Troy, secretary at UoG
    Dr Jim McNab, World Poultry Science Association & relative of Angela McNab at Medway Mental Health Trust
    Liverpool Victoria Motor Insurers
    "Landon Caeli", RF liar
    Pete Fisher, PMC
    Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT)
    Professional Standards Dep't, North Yorkshire Police
    Direct Line Insurers, a Toad of the Government
    Dr Olukayode Olukoya, Physiotherapist at Canada House
    Janet Chipperfield, Prosecution Liaison Officer, Kent Police
    RLegal Solicitors in Regent St
    Patel (of London South Employment Tribunal Croydon, refused to give forename) Rajvir Bath, Idiot Investigator, Legal Ombudsman
    Momotaj Begum of the Case Progression Team at the Admin Court Office, RCJ
    The Original devi8, not a devi but a deviate, webtroll, transsexual & liar
    M. E.Coulon, Registrar of General Court of the European Union
    Ruth Kirkham, County Solicitors
    Jasvinder Singh Panesar AKA Sivaji, a criminal director, Walsall
    "Brother Daniel", TR Mod
    "loverofhumanity", hateful RF liar & Bahai
    Patrick O'Flynn MP
    Clerk to Kent Justices (all occupants of post 2003-2019)
    Slater & Gordon Lawyers, Manchester
    Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
    Rajan Mathai, Former London High Commissioner for India, who must be expelled from UK
    Management & Owner, Cross Hearts Motel Loveborough
    Debbie, who refused to supply surname, at Masters Support Unit of the Queens Bench Div'n, RCJ
    Lisa Bridger, Medway County Court
    Atos Healthcare
    Jane Adams, NHS Serious Incidents and Complaints Lead
    Christine Powell, HMPO
    Santa Claus, 2013 internet criminal in wordpress.com
    Monneka Tahir, Trainee Solicitor of Leeds
    Stuart Gray, a pimp of the British State operating in Germany related to
    Rosie Gray of Libdems & Mailinator
    Thomas Turby, PMC
    Asif Khan, Judgment Clerk, Criminal Appeal Office, himself criminal "GetDead,loony", TR liar who called me "deranged"
    Jules v.d. Heer, Advocate, General Court of the European Union
    "JJ50", an RF denier that my dead mother visited
    Stephanie Linden, Service Manager at the PohWER Morons
    Deputy High Court Judge Kennedy QC, Lewes Appeal Centre, who must be arrested but only after investigation
    Petr Olcan ("petrolcan"), PMC
    Soumya Panda nee Panigrahi, of Odisha, for shameful withholding of my manuscript of Allurement of Reality
    Kofi Annan, former Secretary-Director General of UN
    His Excellency Sir Jeremy Greenstock at Permanent Mission of the UK to the UN Chris Latimer, Director
    Fraser Sampson, stooge of the PCC North & West Yorkshire, suspected husband
    of Adam Sampson, Chief Legal Ombudsman
    NHS England
    Sarah Liddell, Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
    OIC of Fees Office, RCJ who wrongly accused me of claim fraud
    Bureau du Procureur, Cour Penale Internationale
    Hampton Court Nursing Home
    Elaine Beautridge, interviewer for Kent Police
    Mike Headon, PMC
    Thomas Bartlett, an agent of the Government Legal Dep't Litigation Group
    David Chalice, double agent
    Jennie Wren, Maidsone County Court Officer
    District Judge Caddick, Medway County Court, who should be arrested
    Maureen Morgan, Long Catlis Rd Surgery, Rainham
    "Henson X", state troll on TR
    Zionah Jaldo, Employment Tribunals stooge
    Debra Kemp, Legal Executive, Kent Police
    Martin Daniels, 2014 Chair, Barnsole Primary School, related to Brother
    Barbara Nabufu, barbarous Care Co-ordinator, KMPT
    Wayne Hemingway, a dirty dog in the Medway Council
    Emman, Public Correspondence section, Cabinet Office
    London High Commissioner for Pakistan
    K French, Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    Councillor Dan McDonald
    Court of Appeal
    Fleur Meacham, Admin Officer, Professional Standards Dep't, West Yorkshire Police
    Professor Sally Solomon, British Poultry Science Journal
    Gullands Solicitors, Maidstone
    Fosters Law
    M Katani & Co. Solicitors
    "Thief", an aptly-named RF Terroriser
    Jeannette Lismore, CPU Kent
    Gendarmes, 3 unidentified, one with moustache, Le Havre (2006)
    Catherine Fothergill, CPU Driver Diversion Kent Police
    Ross Kitley (nee Clarke), Listing Manager, Civil Appeals Office at RCJ
    Philip Harrison, IPCC
    Gregory Cook, suspected triple agent
    Stephens & Sons, Solicitors & Commissioners for Oaths, Chatham
    Dr Guy "Poultry" Poulter, new Director, Natural Resources Institute, UoG
    Lola Ogunsiji, Queens Bench Division
    Green Party
    Prince Harry Windsor, illegitimate heir
    Paul R. Reddy, Practice Manager, S&G Solicitors
    Dell Computers
    Mo Chowdhury, Registry Mgr, Civil Appeals Office (Room E308), RCJ
    Julius Erie Kaneko, UN
    Kashif Irfan, absconding Terrorist
    Graham Cotton, Medway County Court Clerk acting with criminal intent
    Michelle O'Brien, Team Leader Maidstone Crown Court
    Dr J Barrett, Programme Manager, Dep't of International Development, UoG Radcliffe School, esp. Board of Governors
    Sue Pickersgill, Collared Officer 6920 at North Yorkshire
    Ambassador Bikas, Hellenic Republic
    Meera Panigrahi, former sister till she took the side of Bhardwaj & Panesar Equality & Diversity Dept at the Legal Ombudsman
    Members of the First-tier Tribunal (Mental Health) serving in July 2016, Leicester
    "PruePhillip", RF liar
    Moore & Blatch, crooked solicitors
    Capsticks Solicitors LLP
    George Sorrell, Oncologist
    Teresa Crane, Professional Standards Caseworker, PCC
    Rosemary Gannon & those she telephoned in April 2017
    Malcolm Dodds, Clerk to the Justices, Maidstone County Court & his crooked accessories
    Rev. Thomas Jones, Pontypridd & Washington, a TR stalker
    Jenny Lynn, who launched an intimidatory car attack on me on 12 November 1997 so I would lose my Disciplinary Hearing that day at UoG
    Zehra, a prostitute robot at Wordpress who temporarily suspended my blog
    Dr Prakash Rao, Consultant Psychiatrist, BUPA Walderslade
    James B. Hunley, a Wiki Vandal who removed the reference to Devananda
    Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox QC MP, Attorney General
    Whitehead Monckton Solicitors
    Dr (alleged) Gavin Jackson, Canada House
    "jeremy", PMC
    Egregious_C, ec[at]derd.net, an anonymous, racist stooge & cohort of the UK State
    Medway Towns Council
    "devi8", pretending goddess but really a deviate
    May Parsons, a criminal conspirator
    UK Visas & Immigration, Office Mgr
    Constable Alan D. Pughsley QPM, mindless stooge and defender of the Evil Queen Austin Macauley Publishing
    "Evangelicalhumanist", RF liar
    British Society of Animal Science
    Courtney Olding, Independent Advocate & useless moron
    iATO, formerly Clearly Business Solutions Limited of Kashif Irfan
    Andrew Deas, Admin Officer, Civil Appeals Office, RCJ
    W S Templeton, Dixon & Templeton Solicitors
    Scott T Cross, Solicitor
    Wordpress Inc. & subsidiaries
    J.Rodgers, CCMCC Trainee Peon
    American Express Inc.
    Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC)
    Felicity Cox, Director, Commissioning Operations, NHS England - South (South East)
    Sandra Coe, NHS Accomplice & Bait
    Gurpal Singh Tiwana aka Paul, a snake in wolf's clothing
    Ewen MacLeod, Bar Standards Board
    Paul Hands, phands[at]aol.com, domiciled in Minnesota, a vile internet
    Anna Klodnicka, TS Croydon HMCTS
    Inspector Timothy Ryton, Child Pornography Fantasist, Kent Police (like most others serving there)
    PC 13686, Kent Police
    Judge Murdoch QC, Medway County Court, who should be arrested immediately
    Taz, who refused to supply surname, a creature of crooked Master Keith
    Eastman at RCJ
    Seaboard Energy
    Natalie Goodier, Casework Administrator for IOPC
    "AllRightMeow", RF Mod
    "ADigitalArtist", RF Mod
    Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. & Johnson & Johnson group of USA, joint & several Rik (Amrik) Kalsi & adult family excl Ranbir S Kalsi
    Bar Standards Commission
    Mary Appiah-Ampofo
    Guido Fawkes, stalker
    "Ajay0", agent of Asaram Bapu & Ram Rahim Singh on RF
    Chicken vandal motorcyclist who threw an egg at the front of my house of January 27, 2013
    Kent Police in all its shapes & forms
    Arthur, Canada House criminal who refused to give surname
    Carol Sanders, President of Employment Tribunals
    Raymond T Finch MEP for harassment
    Caroline J Wilson, FOI/DPA Casework & Customer Services Directorate, IPCC
    Dr J T Banser, Director, Instt of Animal and Veterinary Research, Cameroon Overseas Development Tropical Development Institute, Culham (all personnel 1984-92)
    Austin Rathe, Clerk for Liberal Democrats
    "Audie", RF liar
    Ian Drew, IOPC liar
    PC 1220 Shahid Sanya, illiterate of West Yorkshire Police
    Dr Bahadur Gurung, Thames Avenue Practice
    Clodagh O'Neill, ACO Case Progression Officer
    Faisal Majid & 4 (four) John Doe TSMH personnel
    Dr Sudhir Patel MD (Master of Deceit trying for 20 yrs to have me locked up, aka Sudhindra)
    Dave Moore, Admin Supervisor at CCMCC & relative of Patricia Moore
    "Ancient Soul", RF liar
    "Pipl", PMC (machine tools)
    Hodge, Jones & Allen Solicitors (HJA, esp "Brenel")
    Louise di Mambro, Registrar, Supreme Court
    Penny X, Archeress
    Information Rights Dep't of KMPT, who sent my personal data to a hijacked
    yahoo email
    Padma Panigrahi at Peter Edwards Law, another wolf in cousin's clothing
    Shell Franchise Services
    Hatfield Polytechnic (Principal, staff & rats serving in 1978)
    Jurisdiction Lawyer of the Court of Appeal
    Jean Hewitt at Long Catlis Rd Surgery
    Cherie (B), barrister with Matrix connection
    Julia Fulcher, HMG Criminal Law & Legal Policy Unit
    Nitin Dodhia, Admin Court, RCJ
    Sharon Davies, Corporate Governancer NHS Medway
    Robert Hills, CCMCC Admin Peon
    Neil Pitts, agent of the British state
    Barristers Direct LLC
    David Cameron, former PM of UK
    State Government of Orissa, India, "for processing asylum application" prematurely
    Article-1 Law Chambers
    Dr G Perry, British Poultry Science Journal
    Sal Brinton ex-president, Liberal Democrats
    Susan Joss of Hampshire, Solicitor & complainant to Hampshire Police
    Dr Mary Stiasny, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) & Chief Executive, University of London
    Tribunals Service Mental Health Administration (TSMH)
    Kerry Vant, North & Central Kent Magistrates Court Administration Centre aka Kerry Butler, PSD Complaints Kent Police
    Kerry Pritchard at Fosters Law, a shameful triple agent AKA Kerry Vant AKA Kerry Butler
    "davethedave", mocking PMC
    Mathias Gillmann, UN Criminal with office address in Geneva
    Dugdale Solicitors
    Hijacker of gentle.ballads[at]yahoo.com
    J Markland & Co. Solicitors
    Ronen Ghose, a secret agent
    PC Nigel Shambler (demoted from Inspector of Police, following my complaint) ACAS (Arbitration Conciliation & Advisory Service)
    "Sharikind", RF liar
    Independent Police Complaints Commission, also renamed after my complaint (IOPC/IPCC)
    "Shunyadragon", RF liar
    Anna Harrison, HMCTS Customer Service Team, a failed Insulator
    Brian Walker, a legal fiction of Jyoti Gill MP
    John Ashdown, White Patient at Willow Secure Suite, Littlebrook Hospital, who maltreated me by being discharged first
    Felix Harris, outcaste atheist RF liar
    Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs
    Leader of the Opposition,Jeremy Corbyn
    Dujon, Olives Solicitors
    Boots Chemists, especially Aphrodisiac Dep't for misselling
    Police & Crime Commissioner for Hampshire
    Mr McWilliam, presiding over prejudiced 1998 UoG Disciplinary Hearing against me
    P&O Ferries
    Deborah Bean, Buckingham Palace Chief Correspondence Officer
    Medway Maritime Hospital (all admin & staff)
    Neal Champ(ion), PMC
    M L Dutta, a criminal from Birmingham
    "Trailblazer", RF liar
    Councillor Naushabah Khan
    "Earthling", RF liar
    A Davies, Pye Tait, accomplice of Brennan
    Kerry Butler, PSD Complaints Kent Police,aka Kerry Vant at N&C Kent
    Magistrates Centre
    Brenel (refused to give full name) at HJA Solicitors
    Nightingale Chambers, Direct Access Barristers
    Geddes-Paul Grant, Back Office Section, Central London Court
    Chief Constables, Kent Police (all who served since 1998)
    Mainguard Security, East Ham, burglars
    Shell petrol station on Hoath Lane (all admin & staff 2006-8)
    Victoria Ribbons, undercover agent of the British State at Shah Medical Practice
    Kent Country Council for denying me the role of Community Warden
    Dr D Thomas, NHS conspirator
    Stephen Crowther MEP
    Rebecca Ann Carter, a swindler from Authorhouse
    "Sunstone", RF liar
    "Fenrir", accomplice of phands at TR
    Inspector Maxwell Holway, a Child Pornographer, Kent Police
    Dave Johnson, Legal Ombudsman in Wolverhampton
    Labour Party
    Dr Benjamin Wrench, torturer
    "Epic Beard Man", RF liar who accused me of drug-taking
    Wigmore Medical Centre, NHS Practice Gillingham
    Kelly Williams, NHS Information Governance Officer
    Leslie Cousins, CPO Queen's Bench, RCJ
    Lee Gledhill, Clerk at Alexander Barristers
    Alfred Jones, dirty Labour crook
    Linda Worsley, a witch from the wicked HMCTS
    PC Patterson, Medway Police
    Michael Lockwood, Seniormost Officer IOPC
    Chelsea College London (1977 bar & badminton staff)
    Rod Peer, political double agent
    European Court of Human Rights for failing me
    Anne Billinge, Listing Office Manager, Civil Appeals Office at RCJ
    Medway Councillors as a group
    International Criminal Court (ICC) (all Judges & senior management)
    Jane Mcneil, HMCTS Kent
    Amit, a British Telecom spy who bugged my landline in 2018
    Deputy District Judge Wilson, CCMCC, Salford who must be arrested immediately Lord Chancellor's Office, Gillingham, all staff 1997-2002
    Ajay Bisaria (probably a fake name), c/o Pakistan
    Dave Richards, proprietor, Greenberry Publishing
    Bentall's Department Store in Kingston, Hosiery section for firing me for trying on the merchandise
    Tracey Wood, NHS, a liar & deceiver
    Susan Kinzett at Thames Avenue Surgery, Kent, who trapped me into calling her "Kinsett"
    Northampton County Court
    Greg Levinski, a criminal dvaita & adharma on the Religious Forums
    Driver Diversion Unit of Kent Police committing crimes of wrongful pursuit of diverted speeders
    Joan Wilson, Complaints Analysis Team Mgr, Disability Living Allowance Assessment Office, Newcastle upon Tyne
    Joyce Darling of UoG (known in 2003 as '"The B!tch", thief of my bank card details)
    Laura Sutcliffe, PSD Admin Officer CE 728603, & some connection to the Yorkshire Ripper
    Iain McNicol, Labour Party
    Treasurer, Moulsford Cricket Club, Culham
    Ladbrokes, for cheating & claiming my chit was forged
    Kim Brooks at Fosters Law
    AXA Life Insurance
    Gladwyn Iko Pereira, Room E403, High Courts of Justice, not a fraud like "Perera"
    Kevin Eaves, Employment Tribunals
    Fahmida Yasmin, Master's Support Unit, Queen's Bench
    Robert Kimbell, FRICS & "RedHotSquirrel" in TR
    W. Lash, Medway County Court, acting with criminal intent
    Jan Inghelram, Luxemburg crook claiming to be COJ Director Europe Legal
    Adviser on Admin
    Samuel Bergmanski, a Jew
    The Mayor of Medway
    His Honour Judge David Griffith-Jones QC who must be arrested immediately
    Mark Trowbridge, stalker
    Laura (refused to provide surname, while abusing as "Mr Ranigrahi") at Thames Avenue Surgery
    Lisa Duffy 6, Ukip Director
    Instant Security Ltd for planting bugging devices
    Adam Price-Gill, Labour stooge
    PSE 58737 Naresh (would not provide surname), Kent Police
    Ali Memon, Court of Appeal Civil Division
    V.E. White Solicitors, Medway
    "Bury" aka "caldicott", a HC Judge who must be identified & arrested immediately
    Christopher Womack, JP
    Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO)
    James O'Neill, Snr Admin Officer, CCMCC
    University of Leeds admin, staff & specified former students
    "Sam", PMC
    Andrew Ling, Medway Mental Health Trust
    Secretary, Trades Union Congress (TUC)
    Jill Eastman at Canada House & probably some relative, Master Eastman
    NHS Medway Clinical Commissioning Group
    Pye Tait Consulting who owe me 40 (now 700)
    Selma Mafouz aka Sarah Mahfouz, HMCTS duplicitous criminal
    John Roberts, Gullands Solicitors
    Vince Maple, Labour
    Olives Solicitors, Chatham
    Anna Turnbull-Walker, Mental Health Solicitor supposedly representing but really betraying me
    Alan Lawson, Service Mgr, Gillingham Citizen's Advice Bureau
    Tom Watson, Deputy Leader, Labour
    Cornhill Senior Security Plan
    "Bird123", RF liar
    District Judge Parnell, Medway County Court
    "Aupmanyav", main RF liar
    Total Britannia Service Station, Rainham
    Rt Hon Anthony Blair, former PM
    Cmd. Theodore Koeppel c/o The Embassy of Greece, London
    Clearly Business Solutions Limited, now iATO
    Eddie Jaynes, sadistic porter at Canada House who is allowed to make clinical diagnoses
    "robocop (actually)", RF liar
    Dr Sivaji Panesar of New Delhi Ministry of Home Affairs and/or fake created
    by Kashif Irfan
    Joleene Sears, NHS, bribed to change her Mental Health Report
    Discipline & Complaints Dep't, West Yorkshire Police
    Parakh Hirani, Room E307 or failing that E308 at RCJ
    Jeremy Corbyn, in his capacity as Leader, Labour
    H.M. Passport Office & familiars
    Marty Caine, Most Evil Solicitor & Conspiracy Ringleader
    Jennifer Brennan, Harrogate Director, Pye Tait fraudsters
    "Rival", RF Cyber-Commander
    Stephane Dujaric, Spokesman for the Secretary General of the UN
    Julie Palmer, PALS & Complaints Admin, KMPT
    Religious Forums (RF, all mods & admins)
    PC Yvonne Bowles 46055426 Kent Police
    British Poultry Science Journal & its Editor-in-chief
    Joanna Brown, Casework Administrator at Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education
    Immigration Law Practitioners Association
    Adam Sampson, Chief Legal Ombudsman & nepotistically related to Fraser
    Sampson of Yorkshire PCC
    Bruno Diaz, a false friend
    Bilal Mazhar, Absolute Barristers
    Freethought & Rationalism Discussion Board admins
    Police & Crime Commissioner for Kent
    Rosie Gray, Policy Unit, Liberal Democrat HQ
    "columbus" aka "Tom", RF liar
    PC Bob Mahay, Kent Police
    Maidstone Road Rainham Surgery

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