• Need interface between PC SW and SAT phone

    From mjames2393@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Sat Nov 14 09:05:28 2015
    Is there a way of connecting a Windows PC to a satellite phone so that the following can be done from software running on the PC:

    1. Remotely control the satellite phone from software on the PC (i.e. answer call, hang up call, adjust speaker volume, adjust mic sensitivity etc)
    2. Receive speaker audio stream as a digital 16-bit signed PCM mono audio stream.
    3. Send 16-bit signed PCM mono audio stream to satellite phone. This audio stream would replace the audio from the satellite phone's microphone.
    4. Software on PC receives signaling events/messages from the satellite phone (such as inbound call event)

    So...long story short...I'm looking for some kind of HW which can act as "communication link" between a PC and a satellite phone - so that item 1-4 becomes possible.

    ....or put more elegantly...I want the SW on the PC to be an "extension interface" or "virtual phone" to the sat phone so that the user can operate the phone from a GUI on the PC and instead of having to speak into the sat phone's mic (when on a call),
    he can just speak into the mic of the PC headset he's wearing...and audio that would normally come out of the sat phone's speaker will instead come out of the speaker on the PC headset. So I need to have some signaling going back and forth between the PC
    SW and the sat phone and the audio also needs to be re-routed somehow.


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