• Restoration of 1970 Pipestone Marina Boat/140HP Mercruiser

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    First, I have done a complete Net search with no luck.

    I just bought a 1970, 17 foot, Pipestone Mariner fiber glass motor
    boat to fix up. I cannot find any good info. on the net about these
    boats. The engine, Merc. I/O 140 hp, is in good shape, and the boat is
    ok other than cosmetics, and a section of the deck that is soft. I am
    trying to locate either a club or website or any info. on these boats.
    I want to put it back into shape correctly.

    If you can point me in a direction that might help I would be mighty appreciative.

    The company that built these boats went out of business in about 1972,
    and is located in (you guessed it) Pipestone, MN.

    The "classic" plastic sites do not list this company. At least none I
    can find.


    David Hartley
    We have a 1972 Pipestone, which we bought new in 1972. We are haveing the stringer and floor fixed at Alliance Boating in Roanoke TX. The man that owns the Marine used to sell Pipestone Boats. I looked under Pipestone Boats and saw all kinds of pictures
    and some for sale. Good luck they are great boats

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