• Bombigher vs. Bruce Roberts

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    Hi All,
    I just had to jump into this discussion. In 1982?? I purchased the plans for the 44-40 and immediately started construction. I was working solely on my own and anticipated having to relocate from one Asian location to another so I started building
    components that could be readily moved. I built the dinghy first just to get a handle on what tools I would need and to practice the layup of the cold molded construction. I finished all of the interior components and started building ribs. I finished 1/
    3 of the ribs and bulkheads and then was transferred. Rather than moving everything I stored everything with the knowledge I would be returning in a year or so. Unfortunately my storage went underwater from a prolonged flood! When I reviewed the damage
    it was clear that little was salvageable.
    I can attest that the plans are extremely detailed and refute the idea that this can't be built by a "homebuilder". I am saddened by my loss but just don't have enough years left to start over.
    I have the complete drawings and detailed manual for anyone interested in building a truly beautiful boat. Drop me a line.

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    I am considering building a boat and in my obsession I have been looking at designs. Here is the deal. I have been looking at the Bruce Roberts Centennial Spray 45 or 50 and the Bombigher 38-40 or 44-40. I like the look of the Bombigher immensley. I saw the design and loved it, I saw photos of completed boats and love them as well. This is not to say that I don't like the BR C-Spray. It is a beautiful boat but not exactly what I want. Close, but not all the way the way there.

    Here is the down side. I don't know if I can get any support from Bombigher, considering that he is no longer among the living, and BR states very clearly that you get as much support as you think you need. Bombigher has stated that all of there designs have very extensive instructions and this fact may make it so i wont really need support I can't get elsewhere. Also, as much as I like the look of the designs, I don't know enough about these boats to tell what would make a better sailboat. I plan to be a live-aboard and eventually do extensive blue water cruising. This is all stuff I need to learn more about over the years of planning and building but while considering future plans in building, I am curious as to the opinions of others about these designs.

    Not many designers draw these styles of boats. Most are sleek and pointed and not my style. I really like the old "Pirate Ship" style and I want it to be as much along the style of old sailing ships as possible while still being safe and capable.

    I would consider another designer if they are superior in safety and support for the builder as long as there designs are along the sort I am looking at.

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