• Bolger 'June Bug' questions...

    From adrianoperator@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Jeffery Cadle Young on Wed Aug 24 04:30:17 2016
    On Monday, 17 March 1997 19:00:00 UTC+11, Jeffery Cadle Young wrote:

    I'm thinking of building June Bug, to be used soley to row with.
    Sometimes single, but often with a passenger.

    Does anyone have any experience with this boat? Comments, suggestions?

    Thanks in advance...

    Jeff Young
    hi yes I have a june bug, I put a small 3.3 motor on mine , I tried out the new motor, but did not turn the breather cap..so I flooded the motor..not knowing about motors...so I had to row..about a km to shore...yeah I can say this boat really rows well
    and fast, great to handle chop as to her design.

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