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    From Joy Beeson@21:1/5 to All on Mon Dec 9 19:54:43 2019
    The first few cotton-jersey jerseys I made had
    extremely-unsatisfactory vents. I didn't want a zipper next to my
    skin, so I used snaps, and it was impossible to make the placket neat.

    Eventually, I realized that I never unzip my jersey for ventilation; I
    should make the necks of my jerseys exactly like the necks of my

    And then I switched to making linen jersies so that I wouldn't have to
    cover my arms with hot greasy sunscreen. I have two jersey-jerseys
    left, one with and one without a snap placket. Both are still around
    because I don't like them very much; I've worn out two linen jerseys
    since I made the newer cotton jersey.

    Last Monday, I went into Meijer. I took off my windbreaker and my
    scarf, and mourned a bit for the late Grace Jones, who made jerseys
    that could be taken off when you go into a store. Then I remembered
    that I have an eighth of a yard of hook-and-eye tape down the front of
    my jersey.

    So I guess I do open my neck for ventilation.

    Did it again on Saturday. Same store.

    (I forgot when I was in Walmart.)

    joy beeson at comcast dot net
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