• First switchel of the season

    From Joy Beeson@21:1/5 to All on Thu Jul 9 00:15:53 2020
    Sigh. I was supposed to be in shape to ride forty miles of the Tour
    des Lakes this weekend, and I'm getting ready to carry tea and
    switchel for the first time.

    (The third checkpoint of the Metric Century of the Tour is a short
    walk from my house.)

    I'm pre-registered for the 2021 Tour.

    Anyhow, I've forgotten how to make switchel concentrate, which I used
    to add to water I'd picked up along the way, but there are fewer
    drinking fountains every year, so I have to carry lots of water in my

    I forgot that one makes a thick batter of the dry ingredients, then
    dilutes it little by little, but much beating gets the lumps out of
    oat flour.

    I used one cup of vinegar syrup from bread-and-butter pickles. It was originally equal parts of sugar and 5% vinegar, but acetic acid boils
    out faster than water and this has been boiled before, so I chopped up
    a stick of rhubarb, which I will strain out when I pour the
    concentrate into a jar.

    A quarter cup of oat flour, all of the remaining gengibre molido
    (about two tablespoons of ground ginger), a quarter teaspoon of Lite
    Salt, and a quarter teaspoon of salt.


    Worked out fairly well, but I didn't doctor my water with it, but
    drank a couple of swigs straight from the squirt bottle when my
    stomach said that my electrolites were out of balance.

    I was nearly home by then, and had used all my back-up bandaids to
    replace bandaids that had sweated off.

    Joy Beeson, U.S.A., mostly central Hoosier,
    some Northern Indiana, Upstate New York, Florida, and Hawaii
    joy beeson at comcast dot net http://wlweather.net/PAGEJOY/
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