• Bicyclist files police complaint against CNN's wimp Chris Cuomo fol

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    https://www.foxnews.com/media/bicyclist-files-police-complaint-against- cnns-chris-cuomo-following-intense-spat

    Is Tucker still having sex with children?

    Can you tell us how old you are and what you plan on doing for a living when you grow up? You write like Obama's gay lover.

    The covid-19 is not a dangerous virus unless you believe the seasonal flu to be a dangerous virus. And in order to do that you have to have pretty piss-poor health to begin with.

    Chris Cuomo making videos of him lifting weights shows what an egotistical jerk he is but some moronic bicyclist ordering him to wear a mask is worse yet.

    Masks do not stop this virus. And social distancing doesn't slow its spread. As Sweden is now showing - people who are sick should self quarantine. Those who do not have any symptoms are not going to give it to you any faster than the dozens of people
    that handle the gas pump handle, the produce you pick up at the grocery store or all of the bottled and can goods that people pick over and hundred times before you touch them then scratch your nose. Every person in the checkout line is inserting a
    credit card into the plastic covered payment machine but are you disinfecting that card before you put it back into your pocket?

    So while I dislike Chris Cuomo that bicyclist defined the word "jerk".

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