• My first quarter century of the season.

    From Joy Beeson@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jun 20 23:25:34 2021
    I plotted a long ride for Saturday. To make it twenty-five miles, I
    added to my itinerary a garage sale that was completely over, put
    away, and the mess cleaned up and the signs taken down before I got

    A quarter century is as big a deal now as a century used to be.

    It was hot. I learned that I ought to take everything out of my front
    pockets before trying to wet my sleeves at the pressure washer thay
    are passing off as a bottle filler at Rotary Park.

    Rotary Park was created to get rid of an eyesore of neglected gravel
    at the intersection of Market Street, Hand Street, and a creek. When
    I rolled off thoroughly wet, I was too cold as far as the bridge,
    about a street's width from Center. I was quite dry before I got to

    About half-way through the ride I figured out that I could press a
    bottle against my arm in a way that closed the open bottle, and crayon
    a narrow wet line down my sleeve. If I had two or three wet lines, I
    could put drops of water on my sleeve without them beading up and
    leaping for the ground.

    Before that, I'd figured out that I coul pour a teaspoon or so of
    water into the palm of my hand and rub it on my sleeve to make wet
    spots that could absorb water.

    I hope I remember to ask the Trail House whether they have a spray
    bottle I can drink from. I could carry a laundry sprinkler, but I'm
    already carrying three bottles and trying to figure out how to make it

    I found water often enough that I never drained any of my bags of ice.
    Forgot to unpack my panniers until late evening, and there was still
    ice in two of the bags, so I guess four sandwich bags are enough.

    Two are definitely not enough.

    Joy Beeson
    joy beeson at centurylink dot net

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