• High BPM music for indoor cycling

    From Kenneth Litwak@21:1/5 to All on Sun Jan 17 16:22:12 2021
    I used to have a cassette tape, "Music 'N Sync," that had a loud "beat" at 90 bmp. I used this for indoor cycling and more or less memorized it to use on the road. I read an article by Miguel Indurain that said to pedal at 90 revolutions per minute, and
    adjust gearing to allow that. He should know. However, searching today for this precise thing, a clear 90 bpm beat without singing has not turned up anything. What I had before made the beat the most prominent part of the music. Every sample I listened
    to today might have 90 bpm in it, but the beat is nearly drowned out by other instruments. Does anyone know of an album that does this. I've got no problem with repetitive music, as long as it is not the exact same song over and over, though I have
    contemplated putting 9-10 copies of Jon Tesh's "Headclobbers" together in one "album" and copying it to my phone. Anyway, does anyone have a suggestion for something like what I'm looking for? Thanks.

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