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    Monday, 30 December 2010

    When I washed dishes this afternoon, I finally remembered to include
    the two water bottles that have been sitting on the counter ever since
    I took my bike in for an overhaul.

    Just in time; on Saturday, the mechanic said that he was expecting my
    new panniers on Tuesday, and everything else was good to go.

    I had stopped by the Trailhouse on my way to Owen's (local sub-chain
    of Kroger) on the flatfoot.

    I swore off riding the flatfoot outside the village because the design
    of the machine prevents one from pushing a pedal hard enough to get up
    steerage way, and I hate being halfway across an intersection while
    still frantically pushing with my feet. It doesn't help that the
    crown of the road makes every such start slightly uphill.

    But I have walked that distance more than once, so I thought that I
    could just put my mind in pedestrian mode, use the sidewalk after
    passing the Boathouse, and walk across every intersection.

    But I found the two-thousand-foot ride to the Trailhouse such a slog
    that I went home and got the car. Which gave me a one-o'clock curfew
    for getting back, because the truck is also in the shop and Dave
    wanted to go out in the afternoon. On the other hand, it meant that I
    could buy more stuff than would fit into the dinky little basket on
    the flatfoot.

    Joy Beeson
    joy beeson at comcast dot net

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