• Owners Club: AutoBike Classic by CSA?

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    I own two AutoBike Classic by CSA, a 26" 6 Speed with centrifugal
    regulated Shimano Automatic derailleur that use a freewheel on the crank
    gear which locks the chain to the cassette allowing the gear change down
    when slowing, always spinning the crank gear ahead as it moves.

    I was wondering if there are any affectionado groups such as owner club?

    I need to add a 1500 Watt 48 Volt power assist direct drive with
    regenerative braking to the front hub only. The advantage of retaining independent dual power also keeps the unique and desirable chain
    transmission intact.

    I was looking for a Users Group or owners club, real world or online to
    see if anyone else had tried this. Well, while I'm at it, I could ask
    here about where to obtain complete front hub 26" kits? There doesn't
    seem to be a dedicated interest group on https://www.bikeforums.net/bicycle-mechanics/

    As a mechanical engineer I have the ability to respoke and true such a
    hub because I would like to keep the original front rim and tire.
    Preferably the hub incorporates a torsion bar to ease stress on the

    Has anyone tried such a mod? Have you a kit list? I tried https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000701310234.html but none include a
    battery which really isn't an issue. I'd just want to reproduce what has
    proven to work.

    This would be the project preceeding putting a rear regenerative power
    hub in a 20" recumbent cargo trike utilizing front chain drive, a nifty
    I rebuilt with bamboo cargo deck with recessed tube/web pop-up seating
    for four passengers or two and luggage. They are lightweight and
    comfortable as lawn chairs, more simple and hinged by the rear axle. I
    want to get some experience before I try and screw that one up.
    Eventually I'll add a solar canopy to it and cruise the shore like a

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