• The Trails are Open

    From Joy Beeson@21:1/5 to today's post on Wed Dec 11 22:44:38 2019
    I had a check-up this morning, and didn't fancy having to take off six
    layers to show the doctor my toenail, so I drove.

    I took the opportunity to go to Martin's and Aldi to stock up on heavy
    stuff, and was not at all happy walking to the stores and back in my
    hooded jacket.

    I'd intended to re-arrange things when putting my Aldi purchases into
    the car, to consolidate the frozen food, sort out stuff mixed together
    by the bagger at Martin's, and find spaces in partly-filled bags for
    the stuff that was loose in the cart after I ran out of bags, but the
    wind was so bloomin' cold that I threw things in any way I could.

    The falling snow was getting heavier as I drove home, and each flake
    blew around separately; I don't know how cold it was, but that snow
    was hard and brittle. I parked in the garage when I got back -- I
    usually leave putting the car away to Dave, who is a more-experienced
    driver. Took me an hour to put stuff away, and I left the seltzer in
    the trunk.

    I was really glad that I'd chickened out of riding.

    Winona Lake's Old Chicago Boys' Club mountain-bike trails have been
    closed ever since a heavy rain. When I checked the bike-clubs web
    site this evening, today's post said

    Trails are Open

    Barkey December 10, 2019

    Enjoy a very brisk ride today.

    I wonder where I put my lobster-claw mittens?

    joy beeson at comcast dot net
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