• Rectal temperature during 3rd class Medical?

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    On Saturday, February 28, 1998 at 3:00:00 AM UTC-5, Cathy Sanderson wrote:
    I just wanted to get some opinions.
    I went for my very first 3rd Class Medical & Student Pilot Certificate
    the other day and I never though that the examination was going to be
    soooo thorough! Although the Doctor did not perform a GYN exam, she
    asked me if I wanted her to do this. I recently had a GYN
    appointment, so I declined her offer. However, since I was undressed
    to just my panties (of course, with exam gown), it was no problem for
    the Doctor to have me turn over on my stomach - spread the exam gown
    and lower my panties a bit, so she could take my temperature with the
    rectal thermometer. This sort of surprised me a bit, although tit
    didn't hurt or anything like that, but I'm 27 years old! She told me
    that it is "standard practice" and the most accurate way to measure
    body temperature. While she was applying some lubricant before
    inserting the thermometer, she also slid a gloved finger inside of my
    rectum to check for hemorrhoids.
    I'm not complaining --- I just thought that the examination was a bit
    more than what would be required. I guess, doing all those touch and
    go's could be difficult if you had hemorrhoids!
    Does anybody have any thoughts or similar experiences?

    Cathy Sanderson
    I took my wifes temperature that way all the time, even when she was pregnant.

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