• newbie here - any comments on the "Affordaplane"?

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    On Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 12:02:55 PM UTC-7, dfarley wrote:
    I'm brand new to the world of ultralights, and although I've had some
    limited experience with flight (civil air patrol check rides, flight
    sims, etc), I've never actually flown an aircraft (solo). I purchased
    plans for a taildragger ultralight from www.affordaplane.com, mostly
    because of the easy-to-build and low-cost claims. Has anyone here
    actually flown one of these? I'd love to start flying as soon as
    possible, and I'd like to build my own aircraft, but I don't want to
    waste money either. I've read over the extensive taildragger vs
    nose-wheel postings in this group, and I think I'd still rather go
    with the taildragger.

    On a separate note... I'm also looking into purchasing some land for a
    new home and I've been able to talk my wife into allowing me to build
    a small landing strip for my ultralight (which of course doesn't
    exist, yet - minor detail). I realize that the length of the strip
    depends on many factors, including pilot proficiency and surrounding structures/terrain, but can someone give me a ballpark figure on a
    minimum length? My gut feeling is that 1000-1200 ft should be fine.
    Would 800 ft or so be enough, i wonder? Comments?



    learn to fly first.......

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