• Restoring a Soarmaster power unit from 1978

    From bgrouse2014@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Wed Nov 14 04:59:24 2018
    I flew foot-launched soarmaster/rogallo in the late 70's. I still own one of these units and am considering restoring it as a historic artifact -- like a vintage aircraft. Are there any on this list who are familiar with the Soarmaster? I'm
    seeking a replacement engine (authentic) but don't recall the specific model of the engine. The original unit is stored in the attic of a house on the far side of the country. This is not convienient, and even if I wrestled it down from the attic, I'd
    have to take it to bits to find out which specific crankshaft it had (5 different types were offered). I am hoping to find some fellow aging Soarmaster pilot who has already done this.

    Will appreciate any leads.

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