• Anyone have plans for Sky Pup for sale?

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    On Tuesday, July 14, 1998 at 12:00:00 AM UTC-7, No Quarter wrote:
    I've been interested in Dan Grunlough's (sp?) page with the Sky Pup ultralight for quite some time. Beings I work a lumber yard and have access to all kinds of lumber at a good price, I'd like to try building this thing. It looks neat and fun. The plans are $70 and I thought that since hundreds or even thousands of copies of plans have been sold, that someone out there might have the plans that they bought, kicked around, and left to gather
    dust on the shelf. I'm interested in buying an original set of plans and
    not a pirated copy. I'm just trying to save a couple bucks in case anyone wants to cut me a deal.

    I also would like the plans for the PM Woodhopper. They are no longer available and although the woodhopper was a death trap, I've always wanted plans from a sentimental standpoint.

    Thanks for reading.


    I would also be interested in getting my hands on a set of plans for the sky pup. It just might be what I have been looking for, an in expensive way to get into flying. I have an older 25-30hp engine that I am rebuilding and converting to pointless
    ignition(aerosport Rockwell LB600 direct drive designed for their rail plane.... based on the JLO Rockwell LB600/2 snowmobile engine). I think that the two would be a good combination together.


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  • From williamvasseti@gmail.com@21:1/5 to All on Mon Aug 27 16:43:35 2018
    I’m a student trying to replicate the wings of the Sky Pup. Do you still have the plans and could you share them With me please?

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