• arrow static port?

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    On Sunday, August 29, 1999 at 3:00:00 PM UTC+8, Bruce E. Haddad wrote:
    It's in the pitot tube. It's one of the holes to the rear of the unit. It was incorporated so it would be easy to keep warm in icing conditions.


    Mark Tanner wrote in message <37c9e4c8.24592318@news.ufl.edu>...
    Not entirely sure this is quite the right newsgroup but here goes:

    My local field just recently got an older arrow, and I decided it
    might be a good idea to get some retract/complex time. All well and
    good, but one thing on my cessna preflight list didn't translate:

    check static port.

    I looked ~all~ over for it and couldn't find it. So, of course, I went
    to look through the POH, nothing there about it either. ~And~, my
    CFI (who shall remain nameless!) didn't know, either.

    Anybody here help me out?



    Mark Tanner (cellist@ibm.net)

    My Arrow 1V has developed a problem with the ASI. At normal cruise power 23/24 it is reading 20/25 KTS below 'normal', i.e. reads 100 kts when it usually reads
    125 kts ( yes, the gear is up !!)
    Cross checking with the GPS in nil wind conditions confirms the difference. With a friend carefully blowing into the pitot I observed a reading -60 kts on the ASI but the altimeter and VSI also moved !
    Numerous theories from friends. What does the 'Panel' think ?
    Also is there a relatively simple way of removing g the ASI should that be necessary. It is in a hell of a position to get at.
    Thanks for you comments.

    Jim King, Denmark Western Australia

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