• Mile High Club - membership for me and a few high school / college stud

    From t loh@21:1/5 to All on Sun Mar 26 02:48:25 2017

    Happy Sunday wherever you are! It's 2:40 am here - and 4:20 elsewhere I'm sure.

    So... I need to get to HHH tomorrow as early in the day as possible and then have a crazy life itinerary developing that involves not just me but some high school and college kids who are so incredibly talented - some insane prodigies - challenging
    education while trying to save the world from extinct animals and from ourselves.

    Take for example these 17 year old #BFFES who are both engineers and co-founders from Guangzhou China now residing in the East Bay, CA. They come from impoverished, low income families and yet already understand 3D printing, why patents don't matter
    because it's about brand equity and vertical integration. They will achieve more for humanity than anyone of us individually because I will teach them about social capital and social enterprise through the teachings I have been taught — just by reading
    Muhammad Yunus --- and they will not only reimagine but reinvent the American Dream -- but they will also change the nation and achieve emancipation proclamation. They are on their manifest destiny if you know what I mean.

    And because I am my own accelerator and source of disintermediation, I just wanted to check here to see if anyone can help?

    I have a bunch of folks for them to meet and I need to broker the relationship and help them navigate to reach max good while minimizing evil.

    And I know exactly who they should meet with. Can you help? If so, please call me at the number below. You can learn more about me on my website or if you just visit this Gdoc:


    Sorry this is so long! Such a novel and a library -- and full of riddles! I will be more efficient with future requests.


    Tanya Loh aka @tloh

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