• NATCA's Position On FAA "Privatization"

    From danielayotte67@gmail.com@21:1/5 to Bill Mulcahy on Mon Feb 8 15:17:53 2016
    On Monday, March 13, 1995 at 3:23:11 AM UTC-4, Bill Mulcahy wrote:
    I have heard that the Air Traffic Controller's union which is the modern version of PATCO (what ever happened to PATCO?) is supporting the Clinton plan to privatize ATC. What is the politics behind the support of NATCA for what many feel is a insane plan which will endanger lives?

    After 25 years of my career fighting privatization which is what this is I wonder why we have stopped fighting? NATCA has done a horrible job of educating the membership on this matter. On top of that to agree to this garbage without a general
    membership vote makes me realize that people at the top of this organization have lost touch with the members.

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