• C-2 Greyhound, 8-blades prop, too?

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    Ive notice that E-2's are getting new 8-blade props.
    Will C-2's be getting them, too ??

    ....almost as strange looking as the DC-9 test bed with external fans/props of the multi-blade curly sort.

    I think I remember that. Was that to eventually work towards some
    type of another testbed, or was it to work towards a production
    model? Like that multi-bladed British Airlines turboprop that
    used to fly from England to Dulles (IAD) airport near Washington DC?

    Sorry for the Late Reply but, Who knew then and of course Nate Meier has done a Beautiful job here explaining the GE-39 engine development for the 7x7, 7j7 and MD-81 and 727 test beds.
    Just like to add; 727 Test bed and;
    The "j" stood for Boeing/Japan venture and the "x" stands for new generation aircraft. Also, besides being Noisy, Smelly and Dangerous, The GE-39 couldn't achieve normal forward flight speed.

    All said and done the GE90 engine has taken center stage for the 777. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHgJAJbEUCM&feature=player_embedded
    Next up is GENX and RR Tent1000 for 747-8 Intercontinental, 747-8 Freighter, 787 and soon to come 777x

    Happy New Year☺
    Phil Bannon

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