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    How to Download JigSaw v.2.0.12, the Ultimate Astrology Software for Groups
    If you are looking for a powerful and fun-to-use astrology software that can help you explore the connections and patterns in any group of charts, you might want to check out JigSaw v.2.0.12. This software is designed by the renowned astrologer
    Bernadette Brady and co-developed by Astrolabe, the makers of Solar Fire.

    JigSaw v.2.0.12 (astrology software) download pc
    Download File https://t.co/Fv9L9SUCHY

    JigSaw v.2.0.12 is divided into three sections: Family Patterns, Rectification and Research. Each section has a different set of tools that can help you analyze the astrological relationships between people and events.

    Family Patterns features a unique Group Astro Dynamics Report that reveals the hidden links and dynamics in any group, such as family, social, peer, competitive or decision-making. You can input three or more charts and get a detailed report of up to 10
    pages that includes:

    the house and sign emphasis of the group
    the prominent harmonic and midpoint patterns, with an analysis of any vacant points
    Bernadette Brady's insightful interpretations of the group's patterns and what each individual contributes to the group dynamic

    Rectification helps you deduce birth times from the charts of life events. You can enter known or estimated birth times and compare them with up to 100 events per chart. You can also use different techniques such as transits, progressions, directions,
    solar arcs, eclipses and more to fine-tune the birth times.

    Research allows you to tabulate and graph specified factors in research and control groups. You can choose from a variety of factors such as planets, signs, houses, aspects, midpoints, harmonics, Arabic parts and more. You can also apply filters and
    statistical tests to analyze your data.

    JigSaw v.2.0.12 also comes with more than five hours of tutorials by Bernadette Brady that show you how to use the program's features and the theories behind them. It also has a built-in ACS Atlas that provides longitude, latitude and time zone
    information for any location in the world.

    If you are interested in downloading JigSaw v.2.0.12 for your PC, you can order it online from Astrolabe's website for $199.95 USD. You will receive a download link and a registration code via email after your purchase.

    JigSaw v.2.0.12 is compatible with Windows 95 and higher and also with 32 and 64 bit Windows Vista, through Windows 10. It can also import and export chart files from Solar Fire v7 or higher.

    JigSaw v.2.0.12 is a great astrology software for anyone who wants to explore the astrological patterns in groups and events. It is easy to use, comprehensive and fun.

    If you want to learn more about JigSaw v.2.0.12 and how it can help you with your astrological studies, you can watch some videos and read some manuals on Astrolabe's website. You can also join the JigSaw group on Facebook and connect with other users
    who share your interest in group astrology.

    JigSaw v.2.0.12 is not only a software, but also a learning tool that can enhance your astrological knowledge and skills. By using JigSaw v.2.0.12, you can discover the hidden patterns and connections in any group of charts and gain a deeper
    understanding of yourself and others.

    Don't miss this opportunity to download JigSaw v.2.0.12, the ultimate astrology software for groups. Order it online today and start exploring the astrological pieces that make up the big picture.

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