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    I've been curious about this for a while and haven't thought to ask
    the net until now: Does anyone happen to know where the airport in
    the network show "Wings" really is? The location shots always show a
    sign that says "Tom Nevers Field" and I assume it's somewhere between >Nantucket and Boston on the Atlantic coast ...

    it would make a fun XC trip, that's for sure ..

    I'm pretty sure that Tom Nevers is just a fictional name. Although
    I've never been there, I assumed that the location shots (like the
    intro that they USED to show) were actually Nantucket (why did they
    change that intro? I used to love it, although it seemed like the pilot
    never flared).
    An another Wings-related note, my wife looked at me like I was crazy
    during one episode when Joe asked Chatham Tower for clearance to land
    and I kept saying "Wrong!!!"


    Tom Nevers field today is a park with baseball field on it. It originally was the site where a Native American called Tom Never’s sold oil for lamps and such. He was able to sell at reduced prices as his Indian status was not taxed. This started in
    1670. Today site is called Tom Never’s or Never’s Field.
    The United States Navy set up United States Navy Auxiliary Airfield during WWII. This eventually became the airport that is there today. During the war the US Navy and the Army experimented with shipboard rockets from the Tom Never’s site into ranges
    in the water. Another site was also used closer to the field. Navy airfield was a sub command of Quonset Point Rhodesia Island.
    In 1945 the sites were turned over to the island. All Government equipment was removed by the Navy. All surplus equipment left not being repurposed was sold or scrapped.

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